On Thursday 26 October 2023, Juan Eduardo Pérez died. Every departure, even if it is inevitable and known, reminds us that we are not enchained to this time and space.

Every definitive departure leads us to question ourselves about this different, mysterious journey, which rains down delicate question marks while bringing to our memory, that intangible and unquestionable something that only it can keep. In this case, friendship and the adventures lived with him.

It is good then, to make a little trip for it to accompany him, to that place that keeps the best of each one of us. A place, in the center of which there is a spring of pristine and healthy water that nourishes the roots of the best of our personal and social history and waters the delicate shoots of our best intentions, hopes, faith, and certainties.

In that tiny, elusive point of light live our loves, dear friends, children, children’s children, parents, grandparents… in short, everyone we have loved. Undoubtedly, that is where the best of us is housed.

From that place we call “the good memory”, we bid farewell to this companion in our adventures. The one who raised with us the flag of infinity towards the wind that today takes him to his center. From here, we also extend our best feelings to those who were his most loved ones. Among them, and as a fundamental center, Cecilia, his partner, the gancha, the woman of stone and delicate snow, who also bids him farewell today.

We close this note with peace in our hearts and light in our understanding.