The Proclamation of Russian hate is being witnessed all over the West, and in an especially strong manner in Europe.  Here are some examples which took place in late February in various European capitals.

Berlin, Germany, 26 February 2023: A Russian T-72 tank is placed in the middle of a square for pro-Ukrainians to decimate it. Result: Germans gather and place thousands of red roses all over the armoured vehicle.

Vilnius, Lithuania, sometime at the end of February: Another rusty ,old T-72 Russian tank is displayed in public for the local population to get angry, and decimate it. Again people gather and place flowers on, and around the tank. 

Somewhere in Western Europe: pro-Ukrainians and, Ukrainians destroy a Russian Orthodox Cross with a yellow and blue axe in public.

As I write new anti-Russian events and/or behaviour have taken place:

a) Estonian President affirming that the West needs to invade Moscow and reset Russian culture and thinking.

b) EU, American and British diplomats exiting the UN Human Rights security council as Mr. Lavrov speaks.

And lastly, and perhaps most important of all the arrest warrant produced by the ICJ (International Court of Justice) for President Vladimir Putin.

All the above examples demonstrate two things:

  1. That most Western leaders and high ranking politicians, generals and judges are deluded, living in a fantastic parallel universe and denying reality.
  2.  That an important part of population in Europe does not agree with their politicians and their moves -as shown in Berlin and Lithuania- where citizens responded peacefully to a hate campaign. 

Is the West now under the burden of 1984’s Orwellian hate hour? Is the UK’s present Ministry of Truth a real Minitrue?

Personally, everything that I  hear on the radio regarding the war in Ukraine are lies with a capital L! But it is not my intention in the present article to discuss war, but to look briefly at why these lies portraying Russia as an evil nation and Russians as subhuman are  being fabricated. I am not a Historian, but for anybody who has enough intellectual cognition to look back at what we think we know, or at what documented History shows us it is not to make the same mistake twice. And this is not to provoke or try to destroy Russians when they are being subjugated, and hated. Previous attempts to destroy Russia as a province or a nation have failed throughout history, and it almost always ended in  disaster for the West (Europe): 

  • The Livonian campaign against Rus’ (1240-1242)
  • The unsuccessful Swedish invasion of Russia (1708-1709)
  • Napoleon’s attempted invasion of Russia (1812)
  • Operation Barbarossa (1941-1945)

 And others… 

Has the West not yet learnt that Russians have a soul and a fighting spirit far greater than any other European or Western country? Have we forgotten how Russian literature, music and culture in general made us all richer? Are Russians our archetypal enemies?

By denying the first two questions and affirming  the third our governments (whether you come from the UK, France, Spain or Germany ) are constructing Orwellian paradigms to brainwash westerners and especially Europeans through the fabrication of lies in their  correspondent Ministries of Truth (Minitrue).

The latest declaration by the German Minister of Justice that President Vladimir Putin will be arrested if he steps on German soil is a big political coup to signal and stigmatize the leader of a sovereign state such as Russia. Why has not the Kremlin issued arrest warrants for Boris Johnson?-who destroyed a peace deal between Kiev and Moscow back in March 2022-, or Josep Borrell , the highest ranking EU diplomat who no one voted for and keeps insulting Russia and the global south? Why not arrest Ursula Van Der Lier for her dystopian policies and insulting the peoples of Europe? Why not put President Joe Biden in a mental institution for being demented and psychotic? Why did  the Kremlin not issue an assassination order for Mr. Zelensky the actor, when Putin could have done so at any given moment?

Ask yourselves these questions and try to come out with some answers, and perhaps then you can get a clearer picture of what is actually happening in this crisis between the West and Russia. Answers kept hidden under the respective European and American Ministries of Truth in order to change reality.