We know that the possible evolution of the conflict in Ukraine depends on the involvement of the whole of society in terms of economic and human resources. There is talk of compulsory military conscription in many European and some Eastern European countries of partial mobilization. In this framework, there will be less and less space and opportunities to express dissent; history teaches us how these things go.

This year there have already been many demonstrations and actions against war and in favor of peace; however, governments continue their unfortunate path.

We are aware that this war is the result of deep contradictions in our society and that only a radical change of paradigm, and therefore of mentality and values, can lead to true and lasting peace. We know that all this cannot be solved with a few demonstrations or an appeal, but all the activities that thousands of organisations have carried out have been an important signal for the future and for the new generations.

Our proposal is to converge in Europe, and perhaps throughout the world, in activities that promote peace on the same day, 2 April. We will not be proposing to create a new coordination, a new network of organisations or a new acronym, but that everyone will carry out their own initiatives with their own creativity. We will only coordinate on that day so that the signal is strong.

All kinds of activities: demonstrations, sit-ins, conferences…, even meditations and prayers – which everyone will do according to their religion or their atheism – will be welcome. We are at a time when there is also a need for convergence between the religious and secular worlds.

On April 2nd, we will also be proposing to turn off all television and social networks, as a nonviolent protest against the media that have become the messengers of propaganda for war and violence. We are aware that this is difficult to achieve, but the strength of the whole can make it possible.

In order to circulate the information and make the activities known outside our own country, we can count on the international agency Pressenza, which supports the campaign.

If you find this initiative interesting, we ask you to help us spread the word.

Below you will find an appeal that we are spreading among people and that many organisations are already supporting:

On April 2nd, let’s take Peace into our own hands

Europe for Peace