On Thursday 30 June, the presentation of the most recent book by the prominent humanist Daniel León took place.

Singularity: “In the middle of this century the process of four billion years of evolution will be completed. I like to think that Humanity will overcome this singularity, that it will continue to advance and will be part of a universal consciousness… it would have meaning,” says León in the interview.

Akop’s Legacy, inspired by Akop Nazaretian’s Nonlinear Future, contributes to the necessary personal and social transformation. Because, among other things, this book shows that in History, Human Beings have been able to overcome the numerous crises that have presented themselves through a creative act; an expansion of their consciousness, the understanding of new possibilities. If we have been able to do so throughout history, why shouldn’t we be able to do so now? We have to look for new ways,” he said.

Among other phrases León mentioned “As well as individuals, humanity must overcome its own contradictions and advance towards the Universal Human Nation by abandoning all types of violence and finally placing the Human Being as the central value. We must raise our consciousness, raise our spirits, be attentive to what is happening.

Daniel León is one of the most active humanists in the academic, institutional and educational spheres. He is an electronic engineer and has worked as a university professor for decades. He is a member of the World Centre for Humanist Studies, and is Director of the Rosario branch of this organisation linked to the International Humanist Movement founded by Silo. He is the owner of the company Segutronics. He is married and has two university-educated daughters.

Since childhood, he has developed his curiosity for science. Since his youth, mainly after learning about Silo’s teachings, he has continued to deepen and help others in the subject of clarification of the Meaning of Life and to contribute to accelerate human evolution.

He is a researcher of the Park of Study and Reflection “Carcarañá” and until the winter of 2022 he has published about thirty writings including essays, stories, contributions, monographs and books.

VIDEO: Conversation with the author about his book The Legacy of Akop (Homo Sapiens Ediciones) and some details of the singularity (or great test) that humanity must overcome.

VIDEO: The complete presentation of “The Legacy of Akop” in the auditorium of the Homo Sapiens Bookshop in Rosario.

Photo: Gabriel Parnisari introduced the author. | screenshot of the live broadcast.