Gabriel Gómez

Hugo Novotny presented his work “Spiritual Paths of Asia”.

It was held at the “Carcarañá” Study and Reflection Park Study Centre, located in Lucio V. López, 35 km from Rosario. This exhibition inaugurates the 2023 period of presentations. The cycle is called “The Good Knowledge” and opens the hall…

Daniel León presented “The Legacy of Akop” on the impending singularity that will transform humanity

On Thursday 30 June, the presentation of the most recent book by the prominent humanist Daniel León took place. Singularity: “In the middle of this century the process of four billion years of evolution will be completed. I like to…

Tomás Hirsch gives presentation at San Lorenzo Book Fair

The Chilean humanist Tomás Hirsch presented the book “Parks of Study and Reflection, Beacons of the New Spiritual Horizon of Humanity”. He informed about these places of inspiration for a new spirituality. The conference took place at the Book Fair in San Lorenzo, organized by members of the Carcarañá Park of Study and Reflection, near the city of Rosario, Argentina.