Monday, May 16TH,  9 AM PDT, 4 PM GMT

As we internalize what the Empirical cultures have wrought, the root cause is humankind, and with it the need for introspective reflection on the part religions have played. This should lead to truthful dialogue on the devolvement of non-Earth-ethical religions, a recognition that Indigenous ways offer an appropriate consciousness, and a paradigm shift to that consciousness.

This shift requires that modernity embody these Indigenous ways that are shared by those who’ve lived authentic, Earth based ways. Our Listening to the indigenous Voices — Re-Kindling Spirit program was inspired by Parish leaders Ed and Linda Kaiel who are one of a small number of churches committed to the introspective reflection and external listening directive from the Pope to reform the entire church.

In order to provide that external listening from Indigenous Peoples, we have assembled five (5) Indigenous Elders who have both suffered the brutality of colonialism, and retained the millennial wisdom of living in ecological balance and communal harmony, valuing all life, and living in Earth’s total field of awareness we call Spirit.

Event translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese