“Probably the most decent, peaceful demonstration I have ever seen. No garbage drops. Cleanly kept. Well behaved. No drunks, lunatics, thieves or even smokers. Plenty of free food and drinks given by kind people. Even the camps are orderly erected. A few clergy from different religions peacefully supporting the protest. Majority are our younger generation. Regardless of their race or religion all have become one, the way it should be. No one has a hidden agenda but a simple message from young people ‘all you politicians, screwed us for over 70 years and now it’s time for all of you to get the hell out of here, we young people will create a new culture and leadership.’ ? agree. We may have difficulties but with this kind of attitude anything can be overcome in no time. Proud moment to be a Sri Lankan. If the public would have chosen competent politicians over the years, this country could have being the best place to live by now. Nothing is impossible.”

The portal #GoHomeGota, dedicated to the ongoing nonviolent rebellion in Sri Lanka, opens on its front page with this warm and determined testimony by Harsha Subasinghe. The messages left by the demonstrators in rejection of the structural corruption embodied by the presidential figure Gotabaya Rajapaksa multiply and leave no doubt as to the humanist nature of the protest.

Ruvinda Liyanage says: “The most amazing and wonderful thing of this era is happening right now in the Galle Face. Go there, be a part of it and experience it. It will definitely become a remarkable moment in Sri Lankan history.”

Galle Face is a large waterfront esplanade in front of the president’s office, which is the chosen site of the protest in Colombo, the capital. The tents and supply posts set up there speak of the people’s determination to stay there until the goal is achieved.

If it were not for the dramatic situation of the country’s population, overwhelmed by rising prices, lack of basic commodities and government mismanagement, which has turned into repression in recent days, one might think that this was a monumental open-air people’s picnic.

In another hopeful message, Dr M.K. Ragunathan said: “Hats off to the youth of this country for doing the impossible: uniting the country irrespective of race and religion. Two generations of people are united. I wish that the unity you have created amidst all the setbacks will be maintained at all times”.

And there are also voices from within the country, speaking clearly of the inspiring moment in Sri Lanka today.

Thakshila Bandara says: “Representing the youth of Sri Lanka, I am humbled and proud of our people. There is no conflict. All nations are united. There is only the pure thought of rescuing the country and the nation from corrupt politics. Except for a few idiots, the majority of the country has the same idea. Looking at all this, I think we have reached a turning point to end the corrupt politics that has plagued the country for 70 years. What is special here is that this is no ordinary struggle. Some people help the wounded by setting up a temporary hospital zone. Some provide food to the protesters at their own expense. Some teach the people in the fighting camp for free the skills they have mastered for years. This is a struggle that confirms the statement that “you have messed with the wrong generation”. I don’t think such a peaceful struggle has taken place anywhere in the world recently. Although I am outside Colombo, I would always have loved to go there. Long live the fight! May the Triple Gem bless my country!”

Hardworking, with a smile but firm in their claim, the demonstrators give a demonstration to the world of the strength of active nonviolence, which the images they are uploading on the web attest to.