Yesterday, EU High Representative Josep Borrell announced that the European Peace Fund, a previously unheard of extra-budgetary instrument, will fulfil its peace-building and peace-building mission by supplying weapons to Ukrainian charitable souls. In other words, the European Union, the recent winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, will be able to spend this million-dollar prize to arm the Nazi brigades of the Ukrainian army, which have been burning alive, shelling and sniping its population for eight years.

I repeat Nazi brigades, because clearly all Ukrainian armed forces do not conform to the same pattern. That explains the sabotage of their own ships or their surrender to the enemy in order not to fire on their Russian brothers.

Among the soldiers we find more gestures of humanity and common sense than among the lowly political class, not Ukrainian or Russian who embarked on this unjustified conflict, but in all the actors that surrounded this senselessness: starting with the United States and the United Kingdom, followed by their European and Common Wealth vassals.

When Russian leader Vladimir Putin spoke of denazifying Ukraine, it was not that he suddenly thought he was Chuck Norris or that he was riding a wave of historical revisionism. It is that the nationalist movement that worships the Nazi Stepan Bandera plays a key role in steering Ukraine’s destiny. Those who need to review this historical plot can read Rafael Poch or Daniel Kersfeld. In fact, the Russian media are reporting that several of the Ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner have their bodies tattooed with Nazi symbology or that after being declared dead by the Kiev government, the Russians allow them to return to their families after signing an oath not to take up arms against Russia again. Perhaps these are some of the things they don’t want the Western population to see about Ukraine and which provoked the dirty media war of censorship and fake news to the nth degree.

You will say that I am abusing adjectives to be an impartial journalist. I must warn you that I am not impartial. Although the sides and factions are things we have carried over from the past, in the future there are two poles, the humanist camp and the anti-humanist camp. But my position is the least important thing in this matter.

A few days ago, Canada’s multi-ethnic, liberal and gender-parity cabinet approved the fourth arms shipment to Ukraine. 4500 M-72 grenade launchers and 7500 hand grenades that will help end the conflict and finally pacify these irresponsible blonde-haired, light blue-eyed people, as foreign correspondents on the ground tired of pointing out. They said this in reference to how odd it was for them that the victims of a “war” fit this description. Of course, they are used to the dead being Semites, Africans, Arabs or, failing that, African-Americans shot by blond-haired, blue-eyed policemen.

Let me tell you a secret, Canada was not participating when on 27 September 2013, at the 37th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the United States was the only country to vote against resolution 24/35 on the “Impact of arms transfers on human rights during armed conflict”, which resolved to ban the sale of arms to countries in conflict. It is obvious that the great country of the North was not going to give up the lucrative business. It was of no consequence that the country’s ruler was the then Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.

But the criminal coherence of the United States is being overridden by customary European hypocrisy. Germany, Spain and Italy, countries that also support peace with troops and weapons, approved the resolution. Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Estonia and Romania did the same, least you think that only the biggest countries are hypocritical.

On Wednesday 2 March, French documentary filmmaker Anne-Laure Bonnel (@al-bonnel) showed the shameful images that the West does not want to see: weapons sent by pacifist countries are being used for the execution of Ukrainian civilians by Ukrainian forces. In Donetsk she documented at least a hundred victims including two female teachers “cut in half” (in her words) by Kiev’s bombs. We all know that in schools there was an idea that “the letter enters with blood”, so it should come as no surprise that schools are bombed in the name of peace or that Ukrainian politicians who advocate a dialogue-based way out of the conflict are assassinated.

Those who pay lip service to peace should start by being willing to honour signed agreements to stop adding fuel to the fire. We know that economic sanctions only result in hunger and misery for vast sectors of the population, but they do not bring about regime change. On the contrary, with the examples of North Korea, Iran or Venezuela, it is more than amply demonstrated that they strengthen and sustain them. This situation cannot be resolved with the same responses that have been used for decades.

The Russian military incursion was precisely a change of rules that shook the entire system of globalist hegemony. In 1989 we saw the fall of half of the world system, perhaps now we are seeing the fall of the other half; it is up to all of us to ensure that what happens next leaves behind prehistory and the ultra-graves.