The Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of Deputies accepted the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) that seeks to achieve the regulation of Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines (TMCI) in Spain.

It requires 500,000 signatures from Spanish citizens.

The aim of this ILP is none other than to regulate TCIM within a legal framework that favours both research and training, promotes good professional practice and guarantees the health safety of the population in this field.

In order for this ILP to reach the plenary session of the Lower House of Parliament and be approved, there are 7 months to collect a total of 500,000 signatures from Spanish citizens. These signatures can be submitted physically at the points provided (map) or digitally (on this website).

The creation and implementation of the Platform Pro Law MTCI, of which the Natural Therapies Foundation is a project that aims to promote a law regulating Natural Therapies in Spain (Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines MTCI as defined by the WHO), and which has already been admitted for processing by the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of Deputies.

The Spanish Constitution allows the direct participation of citizens in the process of drafting State Laws. This procedure is known as the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP). In order for the ILP to prosper before the Spanish parliament, it must be accompanied by a minimum of 500,000 signatures of Spanish citizens over the age of 18, which must be collected within a maximum period of 9 months. Once these signatures have been obtained, they will be delivered and verified in the Congress of Deputies for subsequent parliamentary processing.