Silo’s audiobook The Inner Look has recently been recorded. The first edition of this work was published in 1972 and appeared for the first time with an anonymous author.

Since then, a multitude of editions have been published and it has been translated into the most important languages in the world, a total of 32 different languages. Today, The Inner Look is part of Silo’s Message under the title The Book.

The Inner Look is probably Silo’s best-known book. In it he relates his own experience and guidance to “get out of meaninglessness and arrive at the meaning of life”.

The book is written in poetic prose and often in allegorical language. The book describes different experiences related to the Force, to the inner Guide, to transcendence, to inner unity and, in short, to a journey from the darkness of meaninglessness to the fullness of an awakened and meaningful life.

His “Principles of Valid Action” have been a reference in many different cultures around the world, representing a new inner morality and a new attitude towards life and things. The real struggle of the human being is between darkness and light, between sleep and awakening. And in this struggle, the experience of The Force and the contact with the inner Guide are the key to progress on “The Path of Ascent”.

It can be said that this book “speaks of the inner revelation to which everyone who carefully meditates in humble search arrives”. It is made clear that “only you can redeem yourself”, which does not refer to an individual and isolated change but to the fact that the only way to change is from one’s own experience.

But experience, the basis of change, must be properly articulated in the world of relationships, in the environment in which we as human beings are living. It is at that point that “the right thing to do” appears as an inner understanding and not as a distant moral.

The recording was made by Cloty Rubio and Jordi Jiménez, two messengers from Barcelona. They made the recording in the apse of a local monastery that they were provided with for this purpose.

The idea of recording this fundamental work of the new spirituality promoted by Silo as an audiobook was inspired by the intention to disseminate this format, which is being used by more and more people.

You can listen online or download free and directly the audiobook The Inner Look.