“We will continue our fight till the repeal of black laws and liberation from imperialists”

Barnala, 28 September 2021

On the occasion of the 114th birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, peasants, agricultural workers, youth and women came in endless waves to the Anti Imperialist Conference organized by BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan), and a huge gathering of more than two lakh (200,000) people was a demonstration of the shining glimpse of the rising consciousness against imperialist exploitation and hegemonic oppression; a consciousness which is a direct consequence of the present peasant struggle.

Congratulating the people, Joginder Singh Ugrahan, President, BKU (EKTA-Ugrahan) emphasized that Imperialist exploitation, against which Bhagat Singh and his comrades sacrificed their lives, is similarly the real cause behind the problems like indebtedness, suicides, poverty, hyperinflation and unemployment being faced by the peasants, workers and the other sections of the people. He said that the black agricultural laws are an integral aspect of the policies being imposed upon our people by the imperialist forces through the collaborating rulers of our country.

Drawing an analogy between the fight of Bhagat Singh with the Imperialist of the day and the current farmers’ struggle against the Neo-liberals, Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan, general secretary of BKU (Ekta Ugrahan) thanked the people for the historic Bharat bandh on 27 September, saying that the British rulers had left the country but imperialism as an exploitative power remained here. That now the loot and hegemonic (monopolistic) oppression by the multinational corporations have increased manifold. He further said that the rulers of our country have placed our rich natural resources like land, water, minerals and large public industrial concerns in the lap of these imperialist corporations at throwaway prices; and now these are on their toes to pounce upon our agricultural produce, marketing system and the entire food chain through these black laws.

BKU’s vice president Jhanda Singh Jethuke said that the people can advance on the path of their liberation by following the ideas of Bhagat Singh, rising above the sectarian divisions based upon religion and castes, and by organizing broad, determined, and united struggles.

By throwing light upon the unique role played by the women in the present struggle, Harinder Bindu, BKU’s women wing’s leader said that without their equal participation the nefarious anti-people policies of the Neo-liberals cannot be defeated. She said that the women have categorically proved that they are equally capable of leading and organizing any struggle.

Lachhman Singh Sewewala, General Secretary, Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union focussed upon the significance of class struggles and the peasant-workers unity in the ideology of Bhagat Singh and said that the present peasant movement has opened the way to a resolute defeat of Modi government’s divisive policies of communalism, casteism and sectarian nationalism.

Ashwani Ghuda and Hoshiar Salemgarh of Naujwan Bharat Sabha and PSU (Shaheed Randhawa) called upon the youth to stand guard to the anti-imperialist legacy of Bhagat Singh enshrined in his writings especially his message to the youth of India.

Others who addressed the conference included DTF’s Digvijay Pal Sharma, Jagrup Singh of Contract Employees Union, Joginder Ghasi Ram Nain and Manjit Singh from Haryana.

On this occasion, the message of Bhagat Singh was communicated through a choreography penned by Amolak Singh and presented by the People’s Art Theatre. The artists Lok Sangeet Mandali, Masani and Dhaula sang songs depicting anti-imperialist legacy.

The Conference passed various resolutions presented by Shingara Singh Mann which included the demand to restore the original form of Jalianwala Bagh, the release of all the intellectuals, withdraw the orders demanding land phards, compensation to the tune of 60,000 per acre to the farmers and 30,000 per acre to the workers’ families for ruined cotton crop and strong legal action against pesticide dealers who have sold spurious pesticides.

Those who were present at this conference included Dr. Surjeet Lee, Buta Singh Nawanshehar, Ram Swarm Lakhewali, Rajinder Bhadaur and Dr. Harjinder Singh Sran and Mrs. Manjeet Aulakh.

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