On Monday 2 August at 10 am (Bolivia), the Foro de Comunicación para la Integración de NuestrAmérica (FCINA) will interview Evo Morales Ayma, in the framework of the launch of the communication ecosystem of RUNASUR -the UNASUR of the Peoples-, an initiative of integration from the peoples towards a Plurinational America.

For the occasion, which the organisers of the meeting describe as a “great collaborative and collective exercise of popular continental communication”, hundreds of media will be networked in order to amplify the emergence of this space of geopolitical sovereignty, plurinationality and social inclusion, which is based on the fundamental role of our indigenous-peasant-origin and Afro-descendant peoples, as well as social, trade union and territorial organisations in the constitution of a solid and lasting integration.

RUNASUR seeks the integration and complementarity of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and social movements beyond the socio-political situation in order to guarantee the political, economic and cultural sovereignty of Abya Yala.

In a recent meeting held in Villa Tunari – Cochabamba, with the participation of representatives from Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, the RUNASUR technical commission established a proposal for the guiding principles and organisational structure of the regional mechanism to be validated by a Plurinational Assembly, to be held as soon as health conditions permit.

Among the founding postulates, it was established that the aim of RUNASUR is to articulate the indigenous and social movements of the region in order to fight for the true liberation of America. RUNASUR declares itself incompatible with capitalism, imperialism and colonialism.

The forum of Latin American communicators FCINA, which brings together more than 30 networks, media and continental social coordinations, expressed its recognition of the coherence in the fact that RUNASUR is beginning its public journey through contact with popular communication networks and media, encouraging them to assume a leading and strategic role in this common construction.

The interview will be conducted live in Spanish, but the video will later be broadcast with subtitles in Quechua, Aymara, Portuguese and English, among other languages.

To watch or listen to the interview, you can access the signal on Radio Kawsachun Coca or on the facebook cross-broadcast on the RUNASUR page, the Foro de Comunicación para la Integración de NuestrAmérica page, Abya Yala TV, Pressenza en Castellano, among many others.

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