An international humanist initiative calls for solidarity with the people of Myanmar and asks to support and spread the protest campaign against the violence of the military regime in Myanmar.

Dear humanist friends!

We ask you to join the protest letter campaign against the violence of the military regime in Myanmar.

Please participate as individuals or groups and spread the campaign vigorously.

We ask the humanist organisms and initiatives to join this campaign and make it their own.

You will find a draft letter attached. Read it, adopt it, change it, but sign it and send it – preferably per letter mail – to the nearest Myanmar consulate or embassy.

Furthermore, we can assure you that most Myanmar citizens in your city or country will be happy if you contact them to support and strengthen their attempts to protest, which so far have gone unheard.

Humanist Campaign for Human Rights in Myanmar

Claus Kiaer (Copenhagen/Denmark)           Email:

Luz Jahnen (Cologne/Germany)                   Email:

To the Military Regime in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar


As citizens of our common world and as humanists who defend human rights as written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we urge you to reject all kinds of violence and to stand up for the democratic rights of all people. We call on you to:

Stop terrorising the people of Myanmar!

Respect the peaceful expression of the population on the streets and in the media!

Stop the murdering, torturing and all other acts of violence against the population!

Return the democratically elected government to Myanmar!

Start thinking, feeling and acting: the people of Myanmar are your sisters and brothers and they are our sisters and brothers!

Stop your violence! Now!