Just like you, I had to 

fight my way through millions of

other sperm cells.

Just like you,

I grew and prospered for 9 months

under the heart of one woman.

Just like you, I entered the

World pure and free from all


But do you know what possibly makes us

different from each other?

Our blood groups

But not the color of this one.


This world is yours. We can live in it, provided we deserve it.

I’ve read this sentence in a book before.
Every time your hair shoots out of your skin and I’m so close, too close to the tears.
Do I really have to teach my daughters today that EVERYONE has the right to a life without humility and humiliation, without exclusion and violence, without fear and censorship, without racism …?

How can it be that I stand here today as a black young woman and certain emotions in this regard dominate in me every time?

On the one hand, I’m damn proud of the various black idols and pioneers that are served to me on countless golden trays.
I can orient myself by their willpower and be grateful to them for eternity. What they have been able to achieve so far gives me a life that is far more privileged today.

Nonetheless, this unreasonable path to this point hurts me so much.
The actual goal is still so ignorantly far away.

In the generation of our parents, the imaginary book of black history was still tightly tied with a cord full of thorns and taut.
Everyone who dared to take this book in hand or even to unleash it was ready to face the truth with a bleeding hand and put an end to it.

To strive for harmony, equality and mutual respect without violence.
Thank you.

Just like my brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, today I have the chance to position myself for what I live for. Whether through creativity, talent, perseverance, intelligence, friends or a life without a mask, it is entirely up to me.

This story is so valuable and funny at the same time.
This story is far from over.
This story is so incredibly instructive.
This story marks that one punch line.
This story began unreasonably and ends unconditionally loved.


About the author:

Mabelle Freyer, 24, as a content creator on Instagram, reflects on her inner and outer world of experience as a young woman, mother of two, a global citizen from Germany with African roots. This article was written in the context of this year’s  Black History Month.


Translation by Lulith V., from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!