No later than January, Chilean health authorities are trying to approve the coronavirus vaccine produced by the Chinese company Sinovac, according to Heriberto Garcia, Director of the Institute of Public Health (ISP).

This would be the second vaccine approved in Chile to be used in the country, after the same Institute authorized the one produced by the North American laboratory Pfizer, which announces its arrival for tomorrow in Santiago.

The authorities have signed agreements with both entities to have options when importing vaccines, which would allow to have a total of doses of both compounds to immunize 10 million Chileans against Covid-19.

Two officials of the ISP returned this morning from China, according to Garcia, where they were supervising the production plants of Sinovac, which seemed to them of absolute confidence, so that they will proceed to issue a certificate that will allow to request the import of these vaccines “because we have to be very fast with this subject, we cannot wait, not even one more day can be lost”, he said.

The same Chinese vaccine Sinovac, is a step away from being approved in Brazil, which would allow the import of 46 million doses -despite all the controversy aroused by President Bolsonaro- by the Government of Sao Paulo.