In Switzerland, same-sex couples should also be allowed to marry in the future. The Grand Chamber of Parliament decided so; the National Council also voted in favor of authorizing sperm donation for lesbian couples. However, the bill must overcome other obstacles.

In Switzerland, same-sex couples have the option of registering their partnership; however, a registered partnership does not have the same rights and obligations as marriage, which, unlike in many European countries, is not currently open only to heterosexual couples.

During the global vote, the National Council voted by 132 votes to 52 (13 absences) in favor of global equality and therefore also for access to sperm donation and recognition of parenthood from birth. two issues are of paramount importance for LGB organizations and both have now reached a majority.

“Children of same-sex couples would thus have the same rights as children of heterosexual couples. Finally, absurd, long and costly adoption procedures should no longer be followed until the child has two parents and during which the child would be completely unprotected in the event of the death of the biological mother “rejoices Salomé Zimmermann, president of the commission” Marriage for All “.

I think people will have the final say. The Federal Democratic Union (UDF), a conservative party, has announced plans to hold a referendum to submit the amendment to the people.

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Translated from German by Lutlih V.