This tale was written by Laurence Baranski at the beginning of May 2020.

Any resemblance to the earthly situation would be purely coincidental …


Like all tales, this one begins with “Once upon a time …”

It was happening somewhere in the Universe, on an Earth-like planet. The people of this planet knew that the universe around them had billions of galaxies and that each galaxy alone had billions of stars, and even more planets. Despite they knew that, they believed at the time that they were the only living, conscious and intelligent beings in the Universe.

It was not vainglory, it was rather ignorance.

That’s mostly what they had been told and they believed it, or pretended to. What the vast majority of them did not know was that their planet had been visited many times by travelers from outer space.

Some had only passed by. But others settled there, because this planet was beautiful and rich, and its inhabitants were docile. The colonizers (this is how they should be called in retrospect) were involved, not without taking beforehand, sometimes, the appearance of the inhabitants who lived there. As a result, they were not distinguished.

Over time, these visitors had gradually sealed alliances with some great leaders of the place. They promised them power and even eternal youth, in exchange for local wealth and sometimes even a few healthy slaves, who suddenly disappeared.

Convinced to be part of the clan of the chosen ones, the powerful rulers of this planet became so dependent on power and its privileges, that they swore total allegiance to those who came from elsewhere. They did not suspect that the latter had a much more Machiavellian plan.

They actually wanted to take full control of the planet because it had a strategic position in the Universe, as well as a very special energy which they wanted to take advantage of. They needed a few centuries for this. For them it was little, they had all the time at the start.

These beings from elsewhere were able to be pleasant and kind when they decided to. But, unlike the people here, they were incapable of experiencing what we call empathy. In other words, they had no humanity. Some would have liked to experience it but they could not.

Their way of exercising their authority was therefore cold, and sometimes even icy. They paid no attention to life. This is how all the decisions made on this planet became more and more motivated by the lure of gain. Blinded by the illusion of being powerful, the powerful leaders carried out all the wishes of their new principals, even the most violent and most humiliating for all living beings.

The people here were still more and more taken aback. They did not understand why, the more time passed, the more the decisions were contrary to the very principles of life, of the living, and of its blooming.

What the people here did not know either, for the vast majority of them, because they had never learned it, is that their species, like all conscious species in the Universe, was advancing on a path of evolution. This evolution led them to wake up gradually, like a child who grows, then takes his autonomy.

This is how, one day, the locals began to ask themselves a lot of questions. They started to become aware of themselves. They wondered about the Universe, but also about life, death, spirit, consciousness, soul. The idea spread that they lived in a matrix of illusions, and that what they believed to be the reality was mere scenery. Time itself, which had always punctuated their lives, began to be questioned. Some said that it did not exist, and that everything was much larger than it looked like. Others asserted that, in this larger reality, there were conscious and intelligent beings, although endowed with a lighter, more evanescent, more luminous body. Another idea began to emerge, that of the existence of a multitude of universes in the Universe, in other words parallel universes.

Of course, not all of the locals were sensitive to these ideas, which, in fact, happened to be very old, but which had long been forgotten, and which began to resurface. Yet they spread so that some kind of doors and gateways between the universes started to open and communicate. Very modestly at first, it was just a beginning.

Then the colonizers, who were still there, started to be afraid. If the locals discovered these exit doors, they would escape them. Worse, they were going to be able to get closer to these famous luminous beings who would help them to wake up ever more, so as to be able to cross the veil of illusions. Beings from elsewhere were all the more panicked than they did not know how to cross the veil of illusions. They were very gifted with traveling through space and even in parallel universes, but not at all for waking up.

They then decided to set up a powerful counter-offensive. There was an urgent need to put residents under control. Helped by powerful leaders, they made everyone in the world believe that their lives were threatened, but that they could save them from an inevitable death.

The inhabitants were naive, they believed them. Many even eagerly awaited the miracle cure. There was actually no threat. But once ingested, the remedy would have allowed a total control over bodies and minds. The most fragile could die, it did not matter, since there was no empathy in this incredible plan of manipulation.

The inhabitants were forced to isolate themselves, speak very little, and forbidden to touch each other. It was part of the instructions. Fortunately, after a little moment of depression, the most alert inhabitants, and all those who were on the verge of waking up, began to wonder. Something was wrong. Still they could not fight, because they would have been imprisoned or even worse.

So they did what had been forgotten for too long: they began to believe in themselves, deeply. With their self-confidence restored, they connected by thought to all the forgotten knowledge, which had been stored in the attics in the name of rationality. Some began to pray, others to meditate, others to sing, others to laugh. All began to love: love others, love their planet, love life, love oneself. They did it en masse. They were no longer afraid. They were finding the way to the heart.

Very quickly, by a completely natural effect (although poorly studied until then), the vibrations of their bodies increased. As they rose, they encountered the veil of delusion which they began to uncover, or to cross, or to transmute.

On the other hand, awakened consciences began to help them. They couldn’t have done it before, because the people here first had to make the first effort. What kind of adult will become a child, if he is deprived of the strength and pride to succeed on his own?

Thus one day, when the veil of delusion was sufficiently uncovered, a new light spread over the planet, brighter and brighter. Nothing really changed, but everything became more shining, more joyful, more conscious. What became of the colonizers? Blinded by so much light, they disappeared. The inhabitants had found the only weapon against which the colonizers lost their power: rising awareness and consciousness. What happened to powerful leaders who had compromised? The story does not tell. Maybe they wander somewhere in the Universe? We wish them to find their way.

Since then, on this planet, children are taught this story, that of their planet, the Universe and Life. They are also taught something else: although this story is completely true, they are told that nothing in this story is true, because any crystallization of thought, any narration, any narrative, as fair as it might be, is only an illusion, a simple impression of reality.

They are taught that, during their lifetime, they may temporarily need to believe in illusions, as one needs to climb the stairs step by step. This will often prove to be essential. But once they have reached the next stair upward, they will find that what they thought to be the truth vanishes, to make way for another, much larger truth.

They are taught that this truth they seek, their own truth, is still elsewhere, at the bottom of their hearts. It’s there that everything is created, and where everything can be transformed.

They are also taught that everything they will see, discover, and understand in their lifetime is already within them. Shadow and light, everything will be their creation.

Since then, the children here have explored the world around them with a light heart, with curiosity, always letting the inner flame shine, which magic they discover a little more every day. They know that by exploring the world, they are exploring the vastness of their own worlds. As for their parents and everyone else, they like to remember that they are just children, who only got a little older.

Today, this planet is a simply happy planet, on which everyone has learned to live in harmony, and where life is respected.