Meanwhile, the information and the danger in which we live are hidden from us by governments.

In secret manoeuvres in Germany and Holland, NATO is conducting simulations of what a nuclear war in Europe could look like, as revealed by German and Austrian media and echoed in the Spanish media.

This follows on from other NATO manoeuvres in the south of Spain (Straits of Gibraltar), in which it has been corroborated that Spain has the capacity and will therefore become the Alliance’s rapid reaction force in 2020, giving responses to possible maritime crisis situations that could affect NATO.  These are in addition to other exercises that took place at the beginning of the month on the Spanish island of Menorca.

Neither the Spanish government nor the European Union are informing citizens about any of this. Nor have people been told that no NATO country – including Spain – has yet signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons despite this not being a requirement for participation in NATO.

Meanwhile, Russia has carried out its own manoeuvres in Operation ‘Thunder 2019’, with nuclear weapons also included, as a defence and response to NATO, according to Putin.

The nuclear danger hangs over all of humanity with an accident capable of happening at any moment, and today Europe finds itself centre stage in a game which is being played between forces whose leaders show no signs of sanity, quite the opposite.  All of this with the complicity of heads of governments such as Angela Merkel and Pedro Sánchez, and all other NATO leaders, without even being forced by the NATO Treaty to support nuclear weapons.

While governments play war, uninformed populations are unaware of the danger to which they are exposed. According to Princeton University researchers, a limited nuclear war in Europe could create up to 100 million victims in the first hours and today we are very close to that danger; “two minutes to midnight” according to the analysis of the ‘Doomsday Clock’. The military tests taking place this month on the European stage are a clear indicator of the threat hanging over our heads.