We were censored. They censored me. The programme that we have been doing for five years on Radio Pichincha Universal cannot broadcast by order of President Lenin Moreno.

This affront occurs after he ordered the contents of the station to stop broadcasting and only repeat the unofficial National Public Radio, to continue misrepresenting and hiding reality. Not only of the country, but of the world.

Our space always prioritized the international counter-hegemonic agenda, giving voice and visibility to committed activists, analysts and journalists who accompany transforming and denouncing actions all over the world. We can boast having interviewed protagonists of the struggles in all continents.

That ability to bring to the audience of Pichincha Universal the themes of hidden places, but which had to do with the life and work of Ecuadorians, made our programme be heard and valued the breadth of voices and approaches that we showed.

One Colombian, one Argentinean, one Italian, one Spanish and one British gave form to the international Fridays of En la Oreja. Connected from Quito, but also from Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and other places, near or far, but always providing a look that transcended the myopia of conventional journalism.

Pichincha Universal trusted us five years ago and continued to do so, despite the ups and downs and complications the station has encountered over the years. I myself took care of the section “The World”, providing a universalist view of the newsroom and the news. After the attempt to silence the radio at the beginning of this year, we managed to survive and continue to be on the airwaves. But the orders remain the same: harassment and censorship.

Solidarity and commitment with all the great team of professionals working in Universal Pichincha and also with the vast audience, who always offered us encouragement, thanks and very interesting contributions. Nobody is abandoning this project.

A very big hug, from the bottom of my heart.

Mariano Quiroga and the colleagues of Pressenza Internacional En La Oreja Nelsy Lizarazo, Domenico Musella and Blanca Diego.