For the third time, the Attorney General’s Office has asked the National Court of Justice to ask Interpol to capture former President Rafael Correa. It has already been requested on two occasions but the request has been denied by Interpol, because the requests did not meet the requirements.

The ex-president has been accused of bribery, illicit association and influence peddling, and the amount for which he is accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is apparently $6,000. Former President Correa’s defense said the prosecution has no evidence and will appeal again as soon as the court rules.

For his part, former President Correa immediately published in his Twitter account the receipts of the loan for that amount that he had requested from the fund of employees of the Presidency of the Republic and whose payment ended in August 2015. In an interview granted to Hispan TV, the ex-president assured that he had no expectation about the change of decision on the part of the judge, Daniella Camacho, and that all this would only end when things change in the country.

Judge Camacho also has in her office the case that follows the former president for the so-called “Balda Case”.


Translation Pressenza London