By José Gabriel Feres*

There is no doubt that we humanists repudiate and reject the practice of violating human rights wherever it comes from. Not only do our ideology and principles support us, but above all our struggle against all those who violate them, in Chile and in the world, many of whom claim to be their own defenders.

The press has released Bachelet’s report, but what they have done mostly is to rescue from the report those memes that allow them to reaffirm the position they already had beforehand. What has been the diffusion of the extensive writing with comments ordered in 60 points, with which the Venezuelan state made corrections to the report and revealed errors in it? The most evident indicator of the bias of Bachelet’s report is that, as it is her obligation under the United Nations protocol, the Venezuelan government received the report before its publication and was asked for its opinion and was asked to suggest corrections. How many of the observations made on those 60 points were incorporated, or at least considered, in the report? Bachelet makes a judgment, but does not consider at all the elements that Venezuela contributes as a defense. On the other hand, it is very strange that not the slightest reference is made to the U.S. embargo and blockade and to all its attempts to produce a military coup and an overthrow of the Venezuelan government.

The report is biased and unobjective, has serious omissions and, according to the Venezuelan state, is plagued with errors. One cannot give an opinion on a report that is not trusted and that also raises a host of doubts about its impartiality and credibility.

It is issued by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. (OHCHR) and its current head, Michelle Bachelet. It cannot be ignored that this office, which is in the current context of the United Nations, is not exempt from the structural problems and influence to which this organization is currently subjected. On the other hand, its current head – with training in the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies of the Army, ANEPE and the Inter-American Defense College, located in Washington D. C.- former President of Chile in two terms, cannot show exemplary or referential behaviour in this matter: co-manager in the creation of the Lima Group, which has sought to create conditions to justify a military intervention in Venezuela; in its two periods, has applied the anti-terrorist law and repressed the Mapuche people; several unclarified murders of Mapuche occurred during her two governments; designed the so-called “Operation Hurricane” to criminalise Mapuche leaders; excessive use of police force in the repression against workers and high school and university students in the constant demonstrations during his government; non-compliance with his commitment to close the five-star prison at Punta Peuco; postponement of the legitimate demands for reparation of those subjected to torture pointed out by the Valech Commission; to name a few.

For the reasons listed above, we reaffirm our position against the external interference promoted by the Lima Group and the U.S. that feeds the generation of a civil war in Venezuela, and we call on the government and political and social organisations to collaborate in all initiatives that promote internal dialogue, do not feed confrontation, and help advance the current conflict in our brother country.

* Vice-President Humanist Party  (Chile)

Translation Pressenza London