The IV Latin American Humanist Forum, which took place during this weekend in the Chilean capital, was closed with a cultural event in the Library of Santiago.

The central performance was headed by the humanist actress Paulina Hunt, who urged the audience to sing in one voice: “Transformation with body, mind and heart. Convergence is a great urgency”, summarising the impressions gathered from the different Latin American groups and movements that took part in the meeting through the networks: Transformative Art; Science, Humanism and Future; Communication and Nonviolent Journalism; Human Rights; Real Democracy; Sexual Diversity; Economics; Feminism; Education; Health; Indigenous Resistance; Latin American Survivors of Ecclesiastical Abuse; Humanist Psychology; Parliamentarians for a More Humane LA; Social Politics and Convergence; Migration, Refuge and Gender; Childhood and Disability; Beyond Climate Change; World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

Its participants also agreed that we are facing a global and systemic crisis that produces growing inequality and puts at risk the continuity of life on the planet.

For Helmut Kramer, spokesperson for the victims of ecclesiastical abuses, participation in the forum was very coherent, because one of the things they have promoted as a network of survivors is precisely diversity and nonviolence and within the framework of what is happening today, he believes that Chilean society supports them. He further states that “society has begun to understand that this is not a problem between the person who has been abused and the abuser or the Catholic Church, this is a social problem.

The guests were not only Latin Americans, but also a considerable number of representatives from other countries, such as the United States, Spain, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, England and Germany.

Photos by David and Yolanda Andersson, text by Angélica Guerrero.

Translation Pressenza London