Fire in the Gerania mountains. (Picture by Pressenza)

For the last 48 hours, wild fires kept burning different parts of Attica. So far, the country mourns 84 victims and the number of missing persons is still high. People’s fortunes were destroyed, and animals were burned while the fires went by the large forests in eastern Attica, at the Gerania mountains, around Corinth. At the same time, fires are burning in Chalkidiki, north Greece, and Crete. Apart from the strong winds blowing, aerial photographs and firefighters reports revealed that especially at Gerania area, the multiple parallel fire outbreaks contributed significantly to the extent of the fire.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared a three-day mourning in the country and that funerals of the fire victims will be on state expenses. Other states show their solidarity sending relevant staff and air force. Volunteer groups in affected areas seek the missing, provide psychological support and first aid to the people in need. Technical units from municipalities, the Attica Region and the competent Ministries have started recording the damages – they may be reached, especially for Eastern Attica, at the following numbers: 213 2005301, 213 2005289, 213 2005305, 213 2005288, 213 2005292