What do Brexit, Trump, and “NO” in the Italian referendum have in common? Simple: all three repudiate  omnivorous global finance! The very finance that sadistically destroyed Greece according to the precept “punish one to educate a hundred”.

By ravaging Greece beyond all rational limits, financial globocrats have committed the sin of Hubris (arrogance) and now they have to pay a pledge to Nemesis (Vengeance). Not the petty revenge of one faction against another, but  Revenge with a capital R, i.e. the personification of resilience that unites everything that lives, including humans however indoctrinated by the globocrats’ media.

This deep resilience is manifested on the surface as a reaction against the City, Wall Street and the Milan Stock Exchange, which actually tried to scare even the British, Americans and Italians, by continuously raising the specter of divestments and erecting more concrete scarecrows (devaluation of the pound and increase of the Italian/German spread). But even the worst mesmerized humans are eventually awoken by the instinct of survival.

The City, Wall Street and the Milan Stock Exchange have received heavy blows but will die hard. However, those who come undone are their clumsy lackeys i.e. the Left in these three countries (as in the whole planet) that have been “more royalist than the King” with their neo-liberal servility, idolatry of the private sector and the market, sadomasochistic competitiveness, anti-statism and warmongering fury.

Across the planet we see a reflux of nationalism (not to be confused with bureaucratic statism) and protectionism (TTIP and CETA have been sunk by Trump in spite of pathetic resuscitative efforts by European and Canadian politicians and bureaucrats).

Right now the Right is gloating, but the Right has blunt weapons, mostly made of xenophobia and intolerance of any kind. Even those weapons will soon break against the vital resilience that, over nearly four billion years, has developed into the astonishing variety of species and the fertile embrace of ecological niches, according to the basic evolutionary rules of co-adaptation and co-operation in space and time (in spite of the self-styled neodarwinists who make poor Darwin turn in his grave).

As the desert dust fertilizes the oceans and whales generate much more life than they swallow, take courage, fellow humans: let us not be intimidated by a few myopic and deaf predators Bilderberg-style!  Let’s ignore both the sirens and the anathemas of their media!  Let’s respond to their Hubris with the humble tenacity of Antarctic lichen, with the farsighted selflessness of Humanism and the compassion of Spirituality in all times and latitudes.  Above all, let’s use the characterizing gift of our species, rationality: if they hurt us through money, let’s take back our monetary sovereignty. By doing so we will regain a real economy on a human and environmental scale, and we will just blow away the globocrats under a big laugh!