Press Release by the Committee for Milagro Sala’s Freedom

Yesterday, with the arrest warrant that the judge Martinez de Giorgi ordered for the President of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, we have witnessed in a new chapter in the prosecution of popular leaders. Hebe, an 88 years old activist, internationally recognized for her contributions to the field of human rights, was declared “in rebellion” by a Judiciary that is not touched by the values and commitments of democracy. A Judiciary whose decision-making is questionable and enjoys impunity to violate laws and constitutional guarantees when it needs to be at the service to the economic power that now governs our country.

This week marked 200 days of the arbitrary detention of the popular leader and Parlasur legislator, Milagro Sala. There are, counting her, 11 political prisoners of the Tupac Amaru organization in the Province of Jujuy. Many other leaders of the popular camp, activists and relatives face, since December 10th, absurd charges and a variety of situations that clearly show a state of affairs of institutional violence and violation of human rights: causes manufactured through extortion and payments to false witnesses, police arrests for possession of political emblems, house searches without order or reason and anonymous intimidation, among others.

From the Committee for Milagro Sala’s Freedom we denounce the acts of injustice that we are living. We demand the end of judicial harassment to popular leaders. And we demand the immediate release of Milagro Sala and other political prisoners that Gerardo Morales [Jujuy’s Governor] and Mauricio Macri [Argentinian President] have today in the Province of Jujuy.

Committee for Milagro Sala’s Freedom