South Africans march in support of immigrants

16.04.2015 - Tony Robinson

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South Africans march in support of immigrants
Skyline of Durban, South Africa, in the morning. (Image by wikimedia commons)

Economic difficulties in South Africa have led to a rise in xenophobia with a number of people being attacked and killed in Durban recently as a result of King Zwelithini of the ethnic Zulu tribe saying that immigrants should return to their countries of origin.

Some members of immigrant communities have been seeking shelter in special police-protected camps fearing to stay in their home.

In response, around 4000 people marched through the city yesterday in solidarity with the immigrant community which has been a significant presence in South Africa especially since the end of the apartheid regime. “Down with xenophobia” and “A united Africa” was chanted by the residents, students, religious and political leaders.

The root problem is a lack of employment with levels of 25% on average, but rising to 50% in youth.

“This now must stop, because we cannot continue killing one another,” said President Zuma in a public radio and television address late Wednesday.

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