Quito, March 14 (Andes).-President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, said on Saturday the meeting of foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) will be held this afternoon in Quito to analyze the declaration of United States of Venezuela as “a danger to national security”.

“Foreign ministers of South America will meet and give a regional response to this new and grotesque US interference in a sovereign country like Venezuela,” said President Correa during the Citizen Link (Enlance Ciudadano).

He stated that the order of US President Barak Obama, declaring Venezuela as “a danger to national security” and the imposition of sanctions “is illegal and violates human rights. “Until when are we going to put up with that? ” he questioned.
He criticized that the US “Has ‘double standards’ and sustains good relations with absolute monarchies, without democracy” while Venezuela has to face the usual elites causing interference to see if they can destabilize the government. “When will they understand that Latin America has changed. Here you will find sovereignty, dignity, unity,” he said.
He called Washington’s position “a disgrace” and stressed that “Latin America must speak out in opposition to such arrogance, unilateralism and imperialism.”
“Enough, thank God (Barak) Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize,” said the president ironically.