In the Park of Studies and Reflexion in Schlamau, the German-language section for PRESSENZA was founded today. PRESSENZA, as an international press agency that is organized exclusively by voluntaries and publishes articles in the topics of peace, non-violence, humanism and non-discrimination in five languages, is thus extended to the German-speaking region – Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Tony Robinson and Ricardo Arias, invited as representatives of the international editorial team, gave an overview about the structure of PRESSENZA and how the national teams work together and with other organizations, press agencies and free journalists. The German-language team in future will publish self-written articles and the ones of other journalists and organizations that deal with non-violent protest movements, alternative concepts for economy or political participation or the overcoming of violent conflicts as well as news in the mentioned central topics.

PRESSENZA thereby provides an independent platform for messages that are insufficiently covered by the mainstream media but are very interesting for many active people who search for alternatives. Moreover, it is of interest to publish news from the German-speaking countries in other languages, as well as to spread exciting themes reported by PRESSENZA in other countries in German.

The German-language team is full of energy and joyfully looking forward to the future contacts, possibilities and challenges.