Greek students protest against education reform bill

08.03.2013 - PressTV

Greek students protest against education reform bill
Greek university students protesting against austerity in Athens on March 6, 2013. (Image by Photo: PressTV)

Thousands of Greek university students have protested against a higher education reform bill, amid the government’s austerity measures.

The students held a rally in front of the parliament on Wednesday, opposing the administration’s plan to close down or merge 350 university departments and faculties.

“We want our diplomas, not worthless documents,” chanted the protesters.

As a result of the reform, many students might have to move to other cities to complete their studies or end up holding a different degree than what they initially planned.

This comes only a few days after another demonstration by primary and secondary state school teachers and unionists held in Athens against relentless budgetary restrictions in the country’s public education sector.

Athens aims to cut 150,000 public sector jobs by 2015, including 25,000 before the end of this year.

Over the past years, workers’ salaries and pensions have been cut, resulting in the country’s citizens staging strikes and demonstrations numerous times to voice their dissatisfaction.

Greece has been at the epicentre of the eurozone debt crisis and is experiencing its sixth year of recession, while harsh austerity measures have left tens of thousands of people without jobs.

The source article can be found on the PressTV website, here.

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