President Correa, as usual in his administration, informs the population about his activities during the week every Saturday, through the national television network. In this announcement, he described the meeting with Rafael De la Rubia, spokesman of the organization World Without Wars, Tomas Hirsch, spokesman of New Humanism for Latin America and José Salcedo, coordinator of the March in Ecuador.

“I met with Tomas Hirsch, a dear friend who belongs to the Humanist Movement. He asked for our support for the World March, a march that will travel throughout the whole world and will pass through Ecuador in December (…) It was with great affection that we gave our unconditional support to the World March for Peace”, stated the Ecuadorian president.

In the meeting held with the representatives of the World March, he pledged to receive the columns marching from Colombia in Quito. Furthermore, he has given responsibility to the ministries of Education, Culture, Security and Heritage for implementing all the government support for the actions of this global project. Among the World March proposals, there is global nuclear disarmament and the immediate withdrawal from occupied territories.