Peace is, above all, a state of mind: Peace declaration adopted after World March stay in Sarajevo

More than a dozen organizations and nonviolent groups have participated to the World March round table in Sarajevo on November 4. At the end of the meeting all of them have subscribed a Declaration about peace and nonviolence, stating that war doesn’t start in the battlefield and doesn’t end with peace agreements. Its beginning and its end are in the heads of the people.

Hungering for a True Thanksgiving

“In the next 60 seconds, 10 children will die of hunger,” says a United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) online video. It continues, “For the first time in humanity, over 1 billion people are chronically hungry.” In addition to this online campaign, United Nations is hosting the World Summit on Food Security in Rome this week

Reception in Rabat for World March

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence was welcomed to Rabat by Siba, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by Dermolini, the Secretary General for Youth. The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Popular Movement, a party which includes many former members of the resistance who chose peace as the only method for conflict resolution.

Young Offenders paint Mural for World March

In Calera de Tango, on 13 & 14 November, the contemporary art group GAC Grupo de Arte Contemporáneo, made up of youths from the young offenders detention centre Centro Semi Cerrado de Calera de Tango, members of the National Service for Minors, painted a mural alluding to the World March for Peace, under the supervision of their monitors; Patricio Celis and Gabriel González.

FAO Summit boosts agriculture to end hunger

The three-day World Summit on Food Security ended today after committing the international community to investing more in agriculture and to eradicating hunger at the earliest date. FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf, who hosted the event, said the Summit marked “an important step towards the achievement of our common objective – a world free from hunger”.

The government of Quebec recognises international day of non-violence

Excellent news for the Quebecois! The organising committee of Non-violence Week in the Saguenay region in partnership with Stéphane Bédard, deputy of Chicoutimi, obtained the introduction of a bill on non-violence at the National Assembly of Quebec on November 12. This bill aims to designate 2 October every year as International Day of Non-violence.

Peace Torch welcomed to Scottish Parliament

The Peace Torch will be outside the public entrance at Holyrood from 13:00 hours, Tuesday 17th November. SNP MSP Bill Kidd has joined Minister for Parliament Bruce Crawford to welcome the World March for Peace and Nonviolence to the Scottish Parliament today, as the peace torch arrived at the Parliament at 13:00 hours.

Catalan Institutions Welcome the March’s Base Team as they pass through Barcelona

The World March for Peace and Non-Violence base team was festively greeted by local organising teams at the Barcelona airport. Later, a delegation participated in various receptions held in Barcelona’s City Hall, the Generalitat (Catalonia’s autonomous government), and the Parliament of Catalonia. The Charter for a World without violence was given to Catalonian authorities.

Magdalena Cajías joins the World March Base Team

The former Bolivian Minister of Education, Magdalena Cajías, joined the World March Base Team in Madrid, which is currently travelling through Morocco. She stated that “the endeavour to eradicate any kind of violence is not individual but collective and requires a common effort”, and she continued: “many people will be able to hear the message of Peace and non-violence”.

The biggest peace flag in the world

Almost 1,000 square metres of fabric sewn together by the young people of GPace formed the biggest peace flag in the world. The multicoloured cloth was laid out on Saturday November 14 on Lecce’s beautiful Piazza Duomo. The event was part of the ‘More Fun No More War’ campaign which condemns the terrible reality of child soldiers.

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