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Slavery: Use of Children as Domestic Workers Pervasive Throughout Haiti

[/media-credit] UN picture: Children in Haiti are victims of violence.The use of children as domestic workers is pervasive throughout Haiti. Though culturally accepted for generations, a new campaign has been launched to combat what is one of the worst forms of child labour. Her day starts at 4 a.m.. »


The Nation of 700 Million Jobless and Slaves

The Nation of 700 Million Jobless and Slaves

If added together, there would be a nation of nearly 700 million people—the third most populated one on Earth after China and India. Its population is made of over 210 million jobless, 215 million children obliged to work; 21 million victims of forced labor, and 228 million working poor youth living on less than the equivalent of US$ 2 per day. »


Maguwu Defines Diamond Issues in Zimbabwe

The status of human rights in Zimbabwe, environmental concerns from toxic waste, future of diamond revenue and level of transparency from the flow of those funds into treasury. Additionally, he addresses the role of the Kimberley Process and suggests ways the global jewellery industry should handle the supply-chain given how Marange diamonds are entering the market. »


Argentina: Cristina hands out the first ID cards under the Gender Identity Law

During the handover of the first identity cards under the provisions of the new Gender Identity Law, President Cristina Kirchner said that, “although we still lack a lot of social equality, today is a day of immense reparation for those who, like some of you here today, have waited for your rights to feel like free men or women to be recognised for 42 years.” »


Interview with Lucy Nusseibeh, founder and Director Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy

I met Lucy at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum that took place in Bonn from 25 to 27/6/12. She was introducing some of her nonviolence work in Palestine and I was struck by the similarities of concepts and language with my own humanist take and work on active nonviolence, which is exactly how she put it. I wanted to know more about her work. »


Over 100 Million Children Subjected to Slavery, Sexual Exploitation

On the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June, two United Nations independent human rights experts highlighted that of the 215 million children working throughout the world, more than half are subjected to the worst forms of child labour, including sexual and labour exploitation. »


Paraguay: Earth and Blood

Violent clash between peasants and police in Paraguay left 15 to 17 dead and 80 wounded and could have taken place in any Latin American country, except Cuba, Uruguay and Venezuela. In other regions there is a repeat of a pattern of rural entrepreneurship and investment of funds that attempt to appropriate public lands belonging to indigenous communities or occupy them. »


Myanmar: confusion reigns, homes burn

Political commentator Sai Latt says human rights abuses and violence are committed not only by the state but also by different ethno-religious groups against each other. Racism and racial profiling in the media deserve careful attention, and the transnational nature of fostering ethno-religious intolerance as part of the new dynamic of human rights need to be addressed. »


Hong Kong: Thousands march demanding Li Wangyang probe

Protesters marched Sunday 10 June (2012) as the first official account of labour activist Li Wangyang's suspicious hospital death arrived in the territory accompanied by news of statements of local authorities claiming that relatives requested cremation. The spontaneity of the protest march took many locals by surprise and surely much more so the authorities! »


This is not our way

I wrote an article that I helped reconstruct demolished Palestinian homes out of civil disobedience. After the article by Melanie Lidman in The Jerusalem Post on April 30, stating that the Interior Ministry was accusing me of illegally constructing Palestinian homes demolished by the municipality, I wrote an op-ed that appeared on May 8. »


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