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Young Offenders paint Mural for World March

In Calera de Tango, on 13 & 14 November, the contemporary art group GAC Grupo de Arte Contemporáneo, made up of youths from the young offenders detention centre Centro Semi Cerrado de Calera de Tango, members of the National Service for Minors, painted a mural alluding to the World March for Peace, under the supervision of their monitors; Patricio Celis and Gabriel González.

Magdalena Cajías joins the World March Base Team

The former Bolivian Minister of Education, Magdalena Cajías, joined the World March Base Team in Madrid, which is currently travelling through Morocco. She stated that “the endeavour to eradicate any kind of violence is not individual but collective and requires a common effort”, and she continued: “many people will be able to hear the message of Peace and non-violence”.

The biggest peace flag in the world

Almost 1,000 square metres of fabric sewn together by the young people of GPace formed the biggest peace flag in the world. The multicoloured cloth was laid out on Saturday November 14 on Lecce’s beautiful Piazza Duomo. The event was part of the ‘More Fun No More War’ campaign which condemns the terrible reality of child soldiers.

Cinema and Nonviolence

Just like the World March, the cinematic series “Nonviolence goes to the movies” continues its journey. Each film takes the viewer away, leads them to discover new locations, people, countries, cultures, but also takes them on a journey to discover their own feelings and challenges them to figure out their purpose….

The Longest “Wall for Peace” in the World

Under a burning sun, 700 young graffiti artists and muralists devoted themselves to the visual representation of their ideas on peace, nuclear disarmament, and the rejection of violence. The activity, promoted by World Without Wars, took place over a period of three days, until all 1,800 meters of the wall, located in a town in the foothills of Santiago de Chile, were covered.

Pressenza International Completes its First Year

Exactly one year ago, Pressenza was relaunched as an international press agency exclusively dedicated to peace and non-violence. The place and the occasion could not have been more inspirational. We were in the Park for Study and Reflection in Punta de Vacas, on the mountain frontier between Argentina and Chile for the symposium “Ethics in Knowledge”.

10th Nobel Peace Summit welcomes World March for Peace and Nonviolence

I had the honor to participate in the X Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Berlin 10-11 November. The Summit, entitled “Breaking down new walls and building bridges to ensure a World of Human Rights and a World without violence” brought together Nobel laureates who have made a significant contribution in breaking down the walls of conflict, poverty and human rights violations.

Annie Lennox receives Peace Summit Award

International music legend Annie Lennox will be presented with the Woman of Peace Award by former Soviet President and 1990 Nobel Peace Laureate Mikhail Gorbachev at the 10th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates meeting in Berlin Nov.10 and 11. Lennox was chosen by 22 Nobel Peace Laureates for her work in raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS impact on women and children.

The “Wall for Peace”: 500 Artists from Different Continents Will Create the Longest Graffiti Wall in the World

The artists will cover a 1,000 meter long wall, located in Santiago de Chile, with graphics on the themes of peace, nonviolence, and nuclear disarmament. Something never seen before!… The current Guinness record, set in 2007 for a 700 meter long wall created in Spain, is not even remotely the principal motivation for the participants, but it will be broken.

5000 gather in Florence for the World March

Yesterday, November 11, a celebratory and colourful parade made its way through Florence together with the marchers for Peace and Nonviolence. At least 5000 people from all over Tuscany snaked through the streets of the centre of Florence to accompany the marchers, who were making a stop in the Tuscan regional capital.

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