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Nonviolence at a Higher Level: An arrival at the Nevado de Toluca Volcano in Mexico

A team of 15 mountaineers, who had to cope with harsh climatic conditions, managed to plant the flag of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence on Eagle’s Peak, which is the second summit of the volcano Nevado de Toluca in Mexico. The volcano is a popular reference for many legends and is a sacred place for the native peoples of the area. »


World March delegation at the University of Salonicco

The institutions of Salonicco came together at the Aristotelous University to welcome the World March delegation on its arrival in the city. During the ceremony, March spokesman Schultze presented the Charter for a World without Violence, written by Nobel Peace Prize winners, to the President of UNESCO, who undertook to disseminate it widely. »


Rodrigo Carazo O. supports Nobel Peace Laureates’ Charter for a World without Violence

Rodrigo Carazo Odio, the former president of Costa Rica and founder of the Universidad de la Paz (University for Peace), dedicated to the instruction of professionals and academics in global peace policies and strategies, endorses the *Charter for a World without Violence* drafted by the Nobel Peace Laureates. Costa Rica, has not had an army since 1948. »


The World March wins the 2009 JOSC Achievement Prize

On October 19th, 20th, and 21st, humanist workers from the COHUB association (Cercle des Ouvriers Humanistes) in Benin participated in the 2009 Civil Society Days (JOSC), where they won the Achievement Prize for their presentation and campaign implemented within the framework of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. »


A Multimedia Experience in Mendoza

Senator Miriam Gallardo, together with the organization World Without Wars in Mendoza, promoted a multimedia experience for the nonviolent cause. It will take place between November 2 and January 1 and will reflect, in works from youth and children’s groups, representations of the kind of world in which they would like to live. »


Concordia Award for the Mayor of Berlin

Klaus Wowereit has been honoured with the Principe de Asturias a la Concordia Award, 2009, before an audience at the Teatro Campoamor di Oviedo (Spain), for transforming the capital of Nazi Germany in World War II into the modern, open and tolerant city of today which, amongst other things, will host the Summit of the Nobel Peace Prize. »


Peaceful intervention by Marchers in support of demonstrators in Yongsan, in South Korea

During a demonstration over the deaths of five people, following a clash with the police, over which the shadow of property speculation looms, marchers intervened in support of the relatives of the victims, who had been surrounded by police. The solidarity the group showed towards them and the words of a Zen monk to the police resolved the situation. »


Moscow: the World March received by the Gorbachev Foundation

Twenty members of the World March Base Team were received by the Director of the Gorbachev Foundation in Moscow to whom Rafael de la Rubia handed the Manifesto for Peace and Nonviolence. The march spokesperson talked about the importance of the Base Team’s presence in Moscow, where he himself founded the association “World without Wars” in 1994. »


Dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis at Wallaje (Palestine)

Thanks to the mediation work of Luisa Morgantini, a number of popular Palestinian associations, which had been opposed to the event in celebration of the World March at Wallaje, in Palestinian territory, to which Israeli representatives were invited, opened a dialogue with - and their own homes to - the March delegation, recognising its role as an ambassador of peace. »


Pat Patfoort in Milan, 3 days dedicated to nonviolence

After several years’ absence, the Belgian anthropologist, Pat Patfoort, an international mediator in the field of the transformation and nonviolent management of conflict, returned to Milan to present her method at the conference, “Building Nonviolence: training in peace and the nonviolent resolution of conflicts,” and the seminar, “Defending oneself without attacking.” »


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