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Iranian journalist Mazdak Ali Nazari still missing

The whereabouts of Iranian journalist Mazdak Ali Nazari continue to be unknown. He disappeared on November the 8th, after security forces entered his house and arrested him. Authorities did not explain the reasons for his detention and the family is worried about the fate he may face. This pacifist was working with the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in Iran.

Journalist and peace campaigner disappears in Iran

Mazdak Ali Nazari, a journalist and editor of the website Khabar Negaran-Solh (‘Peace Reporters’), was arrested a few days ago at his private home in Iran. His whereabouts and the reasons for his arrest are currently unknown. Before he was detained, Nazari had planned to take part in the World March for Peace and Nonviolence on its way through his country.

Israel Under Widespread International Criticism for Settlement Expansion Plan

Israel is coming under widespread international criticism for its plan to engage in a new round of illegal settlement expansion on occupied Palestinian land. Israel says it will build 900 new housing units in the East Jerusalem settlement of Gilo. Palestinian Authority leaders began a renewed effort for endorsement of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders.

There is a future for Palestinians and Israelis; there is a future for all

This declaration, to be taken to the Nobel Peace Laureates Summit that will take place in Berlin on November 10th and 11th, requesting them to promote it from there, is signed by Patricia Arriagada and Roberto Kohanoff, in the name of the Middle East Team of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence, and Giorgio Shultze, Humanist European Spokesperson.

Edward Said Conservatory of Music: a world where children play melodies against the walls of siege

Music is the language of the people, one of the signs of excellence and growth believes the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. The programs and projects of the Conservatory clearly aim at improving the musical life for all age and socio-economic groups in the provinces of Palestine. It targets the disadvantaged to discover their talents as well as those with means.

World March encounter at the mouth of the Bosphorus

Today in Istanbul, the fifth largest city in the World and the only city to span two continents, an encounter full of meaning took place at the Bosphorus Bridge: the point where Asia meets Europe. In the Historic city and centre of Turkish culture, the World March for Peace and Nonviolence Middle East Team met the South East Europe team to hand over the metaphorical baton.

Dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis at Wallaje (Palestine)

Thanks to the mediation work of Luisa Morgantini, a number of popular Palestinian associations, which had been opposed to the event in celebration of the World March at Wallaje, in Palestinian territory, to which Israeli representatives were invited, opened a dialogue with – and their own homes to – the March delegation, recognising its role as an ambassador of peace.

UN Proposes Palestinian-Israeli Football Match

The UN Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, Wilfried Lemke from Germany, proposed holding a football match between Palestinians and Israelis as a way of helping to resolve the long-standing conflict dividing the two peoples. The UN official claims that the sporting event could be held in Ramallah, the Gaza Strip or in Tel Aviv.

Middle East team arrives in Turkey

The flags of Peace and Nonviolence have entered Turkey from Syria. The teams met on the sixteenth at a border pass in the region of Hatay, in the middle of the night and on a road with little traffic at that time. The group had come from Syria on foot. After passport control, the two teams greeted each other with hugs and laughter.

Winds of Change for Peace in Diyarbakir

On October 19, after having met with some of the well known figures of this southwestern Anatolian city, the Middle East team of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence took part in a festival amongst a gathering of 4000 strong, sharing their message of nonviolence at a time where the possibility seems to be opening up for peace between Turks and Kurds in this part of Turkey.

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