Break the chains of debt!

The system of debt continues to devastate the lives of people around the world. People in the South face the daily impacts and consequences of the financial indebtedness of their countries, which far from having been "relieved" is growing in step with the crisis and the pursuit of extraordinary profits by the most concentrated forms of capital. »


Indignants movement arrived in Brussels. Last news: people were arrested at the park Elisabeth

Starting the 7 p.m. hikes of the Indignant movement arrived like planned at the park Elisabeth in Brussels. Hundreds were waiting for them in the park next to circa ten international media representatives. The highlight was when the hikers arrived close to the park and received a welcome, collective hug from those who were waiting. »


UK UNCUT Occupies Bridge to protect the NHS from privatisation. Manchester also begins the Occupation

The British National Health Service is facing the biggest onslaught since its creation as a model of extremely cost effective universal health cover free at the point of delivery. UK Uncut occupied Westminster Bridge to defend it, as the Bill to privatise it goes to the House of Lords on Tuesday. Meanwhile in Manchester protesters begin the occupation of the Town Centre. »


The Belgian police harasses the Indignates in Brussels

We publish here the press release that has circulated today from the Indignates'Media Center in Brussels. NOTA DE PRENSA - PRESS RELEASE - NOTE DE PRESSE 3h30 - 8 Oct 2011 AGORA BRUSSELS - LAST NEWS MEDIA CENTER BRUXELLES »


Mumia still on death row, but executions of journalists on the wane

On the eve of the 9th World Day Against the Death Penalty, Reporters Without Borders and the Paris-based NGO Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM) would like to point out that being a journalist, editing a website or keeping a blog can still expose a person to the possibility of the death penalty in some countries. »


World’s Elderly Face Abuse, Stigmatization and Violence

They now total 700 million people. By 2050 they will be about two billion or over 20 per cent of the world’s population. Many of them are still vibrant and essential contributors to the development and stability. Yet, they are largely excluded from the wider global and national development agendas.They are the elderly–our parents and grandparents. »


War through the media

There are people who claim that humanity, since its origins, can only be interpreted in terms of war: we have always killed each other. We kill each other to steal; we kill each other to occupy a particular space, a cave or a piece of fertile land. We also kill each other to be the leader, out of envy, due to jealousy or sadism. »


Silence kills Roma, your voice can save Europe!

Statement released at the Strasbourg event: We, the participants of the Roma Youth Conference in Strasbourg, are concerned about the current rise of extremism, racism and anti-gypsyism in many European countries, and particularly about the unbearable increase of violence and hatred in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and other places across the Europe. »


Fear not the Wrath of the Markets for just like the gods of the ancient world their days are numbered

The similarities between our present behaviour toward the almighty Markets and our ancestors’ toward their rather difficult to please gods could not be more obvious. We build Temples (Banks) to them, we obey their Priests (Economists) and we make sacrifices (health, education, welfare) to appease them. But the marble gods crumbled anyway; and Europe should learn from its past. »


The Money Delusion: The Ultimate WMD (as Saddam and Gaddafi painfully learned)

The crisis in the economic system has been well anticipated by those who noticed the complex and esoteric way in which modern Monetarism creates scarcity through taking money out of a hat to lend it, but not making enough to repay with interests. Speculation then concentrates it. Challenges to such bizarre and poverty creating system are not tolerated. Oct 15th Wake Up Day. »


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