Spain’s Robin Hood Mayor and Landless Peasants Battle Bankers

In Southern Spain, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, mayor of the small town of Marinaleda, is helping organize a growing protest movement against the austerity measures imposed by the Spanish government. Sánchez Gordillo and the landless peasants that follow him are…

Interview with Lucy Nusseibeh, founder and Director Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy

I met Lucy at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum that took place in Bonn from 25 to 27/6/12. She was introducing some of her nonviolence work in Palestine and I was struck by the similarities of concepts and language with my own humanist take and work on active nonviolence, which is exactly how she put it. I wanted to know more about her work.

Video Pot and Pans : Grand Prix F1 in Montreal

A group of activists protesting capitalism in general and Quebec’s tuition hikes in particular – tried to walk on Crescent Street with «Pot and Pan» on the Montreal street most closely associated with Canadian Grand Prix but police and security guard stop them. Thousands of Formula One fans flock to Crescent St. for the expensive cars, the fee swag and the popular nightclubs.

Occupy G8: Peoples’ Summit Confronts World Leaders at Camp David, Urging Action on Poverty, Hunger

World leaders are convening at Camp David in Maryland for the G8 Summit. Leading nonprofits such as Save the Children and Oxfam are urging G8 leaders to live up to a 2009 pledge of $22 billion towards food security in developing nations of which only a quarter has been met. Activists are also urging G8 leaders to build on their previous commitments to urgently tackle hunger.

Volker Jung: We Promote Interfaith Skills

Dr Volker Jung, President, Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau, welcomes the co-operation between his church and the Green Crescent organisation and says that it is part of Evangelical understanding of the Christian faith that Protestants should be open to others. Pressenza retells his Internet posted story – copyright © 2012.

Nuke Free Middle East Meet ‘A Priority Issue’

“I continue both personally and through my office to lend all possible support to formal and informal efforts and events dedicated to a timely convening of the 2012 conference. These efforts will continue,” Al-Nasser told Global Perspectives, IDN’s monthly magazine for international cooperation, in a wide-ranging, exclusive question-and-answer interview.

Interview to Mario Aguilar

We had a chance to talk with the humanist national leader of the Teachers’ Association, in an interview carried out in “Umbral”, in the neighbourhood of Bellavista, in which we asked him to evaluate this year’s most compelling demonstrations in Chile for a high quality and not-for-profit education, also attempting to make a projection of what may happen in the future.

Special: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in His Own Words

Today is federal holiday that honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was born January 15th, 1929. He was assassinated April 4, 1968, at Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was just 39 years old. While Dr. King is primarily remembered as a civil rights leader, he also championed the cause of the poor and organized Poor People’s Campaign to address issues of economic justice

In a non-violent struggle, our ammunition is the people

Razan Zeitouneh talks with peace activist Ossama Nassar from Darayaa about the chances of the Syrian revolution to remain peaceful.
The trained eye cannot miss a recent change in the general mood in Syria under the pressure of the regime’s crackdown on the opposition and the lack, to date, of any change in the balance of power that could favour the revolution.

Tahrir boat activists bumped back to Canada by blockade!

Pressenza spoke with Ehad Lotayef who was deported yesteday from an Israeli detention center to Canada. Lotayef was arrested with David Heap on the Canadian ship «Tahrir» on Friday
November 4th. The Israeli navy intercepted the ship about 35 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip in International waters. The Tahrir was part of a flottila to Gaza with the Irish Saoirse vessel.

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