19.12.2014 Pressenza Hong Kong

Cuba: in from the cold

Cuba: in from the cold

Barbara Lee, Member of Congress (USA), member of the Democratic Party, sent a circular to her supporters… “Yesterday we celebrated a long-awaited, long-overdue moral and diplomatic victory in our relationship with Cuba. I have met with Alan Gross many times during trips to Cuba, and I am overjoyed that he … »

16.12.2014 Tony Henderson

Around Hong Kong for 80 days

Around Hong Kong for 80 days

Hong Kong’s last Occupy site, in Causeway Bay, on this otherwise cheerful Monday morning 15 December, was the focus of attention of the remaining occupiers, the police and the public plus a bevy of cleaners waiting in the wings. Under a non-cooperation plan, Hongkongers were urged to express their displeasure … »

11.12.2014 Silvia Swinden

John Pilger: Propaganda is power

Critical Thinking wrote “John Pilger spoke at a recent symposium on Building an alliance against Secrecy Surveillance and Censorship in which he excoriates the media for its failure to hold power to account for the lies which imposed sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s and took … »



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