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The crisis and its challenges in Europe and South America – Part One

Viewed from Europe, the crisis seems global and the future bleak, but at world level: are things really that way? Are there countries or even continents living in a different situation, with certain optimism, offering alternative experiences, views and reasons for hope? South America could be the case in this sense. We talked about this issue with Guillermo Sullings, economist for the Argentine Humanist Par ...

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How to cook a peaceful revolution

Booklet review: "How to cook a peaceful revolution", by Spanish rEvolution Available over the Internet, free distribution.* To quote from the booklet’s introduction: “All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, dream about changing the world, but we always end up abandoning that dream when we think that we are unable to do anything alone. In Spanish rEvolution we are pursuing that dream tirelessly and we are ...

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The age of loneliness is killing us

For the most social of creatures, the mammalian bee, there’s no such thing now as society. This will be our downfall By George Monbiot for The Guardian, Tuesday 14 October 2014 What do we call this time? It’s not the information age: the collapse of popular education movements left a void filled by marketing and conspiracy theories. Like the stone age, iron age and space age, the digital age says plenty abo ...

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Rescuing Migrants in the Sea — Tunisian Fishermen Unlikely Heroes

  Human Rights Watch males Túnez, 14 de octubre 2014 ( IRIN ) *  - En Zarzis, una pequeña ciudad portuaria de unos 70.000 en el sureste de Túnez, los pescadores que navegan por el Mediterráneo se han convertido en salvadores inadvertidos, rescatando barcos cargados de inmigrantes ilegales a Europa partiendo de las costas de Libia.   Ahmed es uno de ellos. Él entrecierra los ojos a la luz brillante como ...

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Sex, Drugs &… Hookers, Dope Bring Italy out of Recession

Human Wrongs Watch By RT*, 16 October 2014 – Illegal economic activities such as drugs and prostitution are apparently responsible for having lifted Italy out of economic recession. EU data calculations have demonstrated that the black market has significantly boosted GDP figures. Italy is technically no longer in economic recession because of the addition of figures from illegal activities. While Italy’s o ...

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British Parliament backs Palestinian statehood

According to the BBC "MPs have voted in favour of recognising Palestine as a state alongside Israel. The House of Commons backed the move "as a contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution" - although less than half of MPs took part in the vote. The result, 274 to 12, is symbolic but could have international implications." Government ministers were instructed to abstain, but the leader of the La ...

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A Guide to Turkey’s Politics and the PKK

  Human Wrongs Watch By Alex MacDonald, 11 October 2014 (Middle East Eye)* As violence between the PKK and Islamic State continues in Kobane, the different players in the long running Turkey-PKK conflict examine their options. Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) The Kurdistan Workers Party are a group of armed guerrilla fighters who historically aimed to create an ...

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Turkey: Yet another attack on the Freedom of Press

Three photo journalists from Berlin have been arrested reporting about the protests of Kurdish people in Turkey. A support group in Germany around the photographers have published a given a press release:   Yesterday (11th October 2014) in the late evening/early night hours the three German freelance photojournalists Ruben Martin Neugebauer, Björn Kietzmann and Christian Grodotzki got arrested by the Turkis ...

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Lisboa – House of Social Initiatives

Hello friends, In Lisbon, the PH has submitted a proposal for a participatory budget for the city for the year 2015. The proposal is called "House of Social Initiatives" and is the creation of a municipal open space to non-violent social initiatives by different groups, associations and political parties without discrimination, sharing facilities and resources. At this time, the vote is in progress in the p ...

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