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50.50 is openDemocracy's section dedicated to exploring issues of gender equality and social justice at the global level. We are committed to promoting human rights and inclusive democracy through dialogue and debate. But a global debate without the female half of humanity is neither global nor democratic. With this in mind, 50.50 publishes women's analysis, insight and views on current affairs.

Britain’s boycott of the UN multilateral nuclear disarmament talks

By Rebecca Johnson on With opposition to Trident growing, the British government has refused to join this week’s UN multilateral nuclear disarmament talks on practical measures to build global security without nuclear weapons. As hundreds of thousands gather to…

NPT and risks to human survival: the inside story

Doctrines, deployments, and the political value attached to “nuclear deterrence” are being challenged at the NPT conference.  As 78 nations co-sponsor a growing “humanitarian initiative”, the five NPT nuclear-armed states and some of their “nuclear umbrella” allies like Japan, Australia…