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World without Wars Human Rights campaign highlights huge room for improvement

World without Wars today launched a new Human Rights campaign to highlight the discrepancy between the ideals laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights first launched in 1948, and the daily experience of human rights for the vast…

The Olympic Truce – an opportunity for us to stop killing each other for a while

Every two years the Olympic Games come round for the world’s sports fans to be distracted from their everyday activity with a couple of weeks of competition that inspires millions of young people all over the world to participate. In Ancient Greece, the Games were always accompanied by a ceasefire in war. The UN calls on the same thing to happen in the modern era.

World without Wars and Violence to attend the 2012 NPT PrepCom in Vienna

International humanist organisation World without Wars and Violence will be present at the upcoming NPT Preparatory Committee that will take place from 30 April to 11 May 2012 in Vienna, Austria. The PrepCom and related civil society events will be attended by members of World without Wars and Violence from the Czech Republic.

Human Rights under the spotlight as the Deutsche Welle Global media forum opens in Bonn

In a moment in which new forms of media and diffusion of news are challenging the old established forms and the news agenda of the day can be suddenly altered by a fragment of video taken on a mobile phone, the Global Media Forum convened today to consider the challenge for the Media in the field of Human Rights in a Globalized World.

In the nuclear lottery, there are 6 billion people playing and thousands will lose

With one week to go before the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, World without Wars has published it’s official position for the first time in this field. They are calling for an end to nuclear energy and for criminal charges against TEPCO executives and members of the Japanese Government responsible for the criminal negligence.

Letter from Sendai, Japan

Below is a letter from Anne, an English teacher living in Japan for the last 10 years. Having survived the Earthquake she writes about the very human response to the tragedy that is afflicting the people in this part of Japan in stark contrast to the scenes of looting and violence that seem to accompany other natural disasters around the world.

World without Wars launches a new global forum for Peace and Nonviolence

Over a year has passed since the end of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence and the Humanist organisation, World without Wars and Violence (WwW), is preparing itself to launch a new global campaign to build on the success of the March as another element in a string of increasingly large actions to take place since its foundation in 1995.

“Peace will not result from a violent approach to violence.”[1]

The Libyan uprising continues and UN forces have started bombing to enforce a UN no-fly zone. World without Wars condemns the violence, the hypocrisy of Western governments and their policy of preventative war. “A war is underway and we believe that if it is not stopped immediately it will lead to a massive disaster affecting all the countries of the Mediterranean and beyond.”

World without Wars calls for a rapid end to the use of nuclear energy in the light of Japanese earthquake

The earthquake in Japan and the subsequent meltdown of nuclear reactors in Japan has caused fears of a nuclear catastrophe of unprecedented scale. With the approach of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, which non-industry supported investigations report the deaths of up to 950,000 people, World without Wars spokesperson speaks out about the use of nuclear energy.

World without Wars remembers the attacks on Atocha Station and expresses concern for the nuclear power stations in Japan

The World without Wars World Coordination Team today remembered the victims of the terrorist attacks of the 11th of March 2004 and denounced all forms of violent action and social injustice in the world with a visit to Atocha Station in Madrid. “We need reconciliation: a reconciliation between all peoples of all cultures and all religions.”

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