Mark Ozanne

World without Wars and Violence meets in Madrid in a moment of great hope and optimism

The International Coordination team of World without Wars started its meeting today in Madrid, Spain, bringing together all 12 members of the team coming from 11 countries who speak 8 different mother tongues. “The world is changing and we take strength from this and we hope that what we achieve in these days can also give inspiration and support to all our activists.”

World without Wars to meet as the Arab world deals with the reality of a new Egypt

In a moment of global optimism following the non-violent revolution that swept through Tunisia and then Egypt, World without Wars and Violence meets to consider the current global situation and plan its strategy for the coming year. “We have not been this inspired at global events since the fall of the Iron Curtain.”

In-vitro fertilisation pioneer recognised with Nobel Prize for Medicine

The annual announcements of Nobel Prizes started in Sweden today with the first prize for Medicine being awarded to the British Scientist, Robert Edwards, for his pioneering work in in-vitro fertilisation. An estimated 4 million children have resulted from his work. A Vatican official denounced the award as, *“completely out of order”*.

A New Look team of World without Wars and Violence gets down to work

After 6 months of metamorphosis into a democratic international federation the new-look World Coordination Team gets to work on supporting a grassroots social movement that connects the daily issues of violence experienced at home and work with global threats of war and nuclear weapons. “We aspire to do for war and violence what Greenpeace does for environmentalism”.

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