Luis Felipe García

Humanista de toda la vida. Inspirado en quienes todos reconocen como buenas personas, he tratado siempre de parecerme a ell@s y de mejorar cada día mi manera de trasmitir sus ejemplos y sus ideas.

Students educate the political class

This was the prayer of the thousands of placards that, under continuous rain and a temperature close to freezing, were carried through the streets of Santiago today by almost 100 thousand people, obediently sticking to the new route outlined by the government in order to distance the protest and its conscience-raising role from the centre of the capital.

Chilean seasoned traveller treks around the world for peace

*“I’m doing it because I am convinced that this is the most wonderful demonstration in history since it is going to change the way we think about violence”*, according to Miguel Hirsch, who sets off this week to join the rest of the members of the international team of Marchers for peace and nonviolence who will travel for 90 days.