Leopoldo Salmaso

Physician, husband, father and grandfather. Scholar of economic, financial and monetary relations between North and South. He is working with rural people of Tanzania for over thirty years. Author of "AIDS: Sindrome da Indifference Acquisita?" and "The Latin Coup: Europe saved from the crisis by mistake" also available in Italian and Spanish on Host of the radio program "Debt and Democracy". Co-editor of the manifesto "Money is Common Good", available in several languages on and on

The Poverty Dilemma: Hunger or Malaria?

In these weeks most Tanzanian mothers receive mosquito nets meant to protect their children from Malaria. Such a ritual is repeated every year in every poor country, at the height of the rainy season when Malaria claims the majority of…

Panamaleaks: let’s start with Iceland!

The Prime Minister of Iceland was, like a sunken ship, scuttled through Panamaleaks because, for the Western financial system, he was far more dangerous than even Russia’s Putin. Yes, I hear you, however, as the late Italian premier Giulio Andreotti, used to…

Yunus as nonviolent revolutionary activist

Worldwide, Microcredit is associated with the name of charismatic Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace laureate together with Bangladesh’s Grameen Bank: “for their efforts to create economic and social development from below… Lasting peace cannot be achieved if large populations cannot…

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