David Andersson

Citizen journalist, photograph and publisher, starting back in the 80’s with the Humanist Movement by publishing a neighborhood newspaper in Paris. Today, David is the coordinator of NYC bureau for Pressenza and is hosting a talk-show call Face 2 Face. The show is broadcast on Youtube and Facebook.

10,000s March in Support to Occupy Wall Street

Around 4 PM, people started to gather at Foley Square, just a few blocks from City Hall. Their goal: to march to Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park). The Unions took the initiative to organize the rally in support of Occupy Wall Street, after last week’s police brutality. They had arrested over 800 people, had violently tackled many, and used pepper spray on the protesters.

After 9/11: the big mistake

“As Bev and I sat down on the precipice in solemn meditation, I prayed that God would come into our hearts. I prayed for understanding and love. I prayed for Alicia’s soul and the souls of the others who had died with her earlier in the day. I prayed for our world.” These are words of John Titus, father and author of “Losing Alicia”, whose daughter was flight attendant on 9/11.

The Fightback is Under Way

If we want to understand why there have been widespread incidents of street violence across London for the past few days, we need look no further than the comments of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, when he announced this Wednesday, “a fight-back is under way!” As if it were another country that had invaded the city!

Democracy is not a Religion

I’m sure you have heard this comment many times, “I’m not voting because I don’t believe that my vote is changing anything”. Even though I understand where this thinking| comes from, it doesn’t work like that. The democratic system has a particular way of working, just like any other system. This is not a question of belief and it is not about liking something either.

Immigrant Voting Rights in New York City: What does our Democracy look like?

New York City: At the New School’s Eugene Lang College on Wednesday, March 23, the NY Coalition to Expand Voting Rights held a free public forum on non-citizen voting rights and a discussion about Intro. 410, legislation recently introduced in the City Council that would restore municipal voting rights for legally residing non-citizens in New York City.

Immigrants: a shot in the arm for our ailing democracy

We are about to witness a new and a rather unconventional contribution of the immigrant community in New York. This time it will not be with work and cheap labor, or with cultural art and entertainment, or even with food. It will be by resuscitating our old and paralyzed democracy. The state of affairs of our democracy is in general pathetic, and even worse at the local level.

1.3 Million New Yorkers will be Silent on Election Day

On this chilly morning of the day before midterm elections, the supporters of the New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights, a group working to change New York City law to give all documented residents the right to vote in municipal elections, gathered in front of the Board of Elections on Broadway in lower Manhattan.

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