Agencia Islámica de Noticias AIN

Con la idea de sumar una mirada más al gran universo de los medios de comunicación y la tecnología creamos la Agencia Islámica de Noticias (AIN). Somos un grupo de profesionales, musulmanes y no musulmanes, que nos propusimos acercarles información a todas aquellas personas, no sólo de Argentina sino también del resto del mundo, que estén interesadas en los acontecimientos relacionados con el Mundo Islámico que suceden a diario en cualquier región del planeta.

Putin arrives in Crimea

President Vladimir Putin on Friday traveled to Crimea on his first trip to the Black Sea region since its annexation, a triumphant visit that follows a massive show of military muscle in the annual Red Square parade marking victory over…

Islamic banking: the solution to the global economic crisis

The greed of people as they accumulate wealth and resort to Riba (transactions involving usury and interest) are the causes of the current global credit crisis, according to an eminent and erudite Muslim and one of the leaders of the Muslim community in India.

Algeria to increase her production of electricity

In moments when public opinion is turning against nuclear energy due its inherent dangers to the environment and nuclear proliferation, Algeria takes a different path

Mahmud Abbas to deliver the request for Palestine to be granted full membership of the UN

The President of the National Palestinian Authority (PNA), Mahmud Abbas, will personally deliver the request for full membership of the United Nations by Palestine on the 20th of September.