An essential element of a dynamic society, culture is expressed in the way it tells stories, which corresponds to the roots of a century-old and venerable tree, which “tethers” a people and gives them a solid, fixed anchor, and celebrations for this remembrance of the past, diversion and imagination of the future.

After a unanimous vote by the Paris City Council in France, during its meeting on February 6, 2024, of a wish relating to the “creation of an Amazigh Cultural Center” which will be established in the 19 ème arrondissement in Paris (France). Associations, business leaders, intellectuals, artists, elected officials and activists of the Amazigh cause, many of whom rejoice and express their sincere thanks to the entire Municipal Council of Paris (France) for this unanimous, restorative and historic decision.

This initiative, supported by all political sensitivities present, is, for the Amazigh diaspora, a precious testimony of their commitment to cultural diversity, living together, and support for the Amazigh people whose citizens are rooted in France since the beginning of the 20th century and especially since decolonization, the very significant labor emigration and rural exodus have scattered the Amazigh in all the big cities and in the vast world: Algiers, Casablanca and… Paris are the three main Amazigh-speaking cities. Amazigh in France is therefore an old affair, centuries old even. Because immigration from North Africa to France (and Europe) was initially Amazigh-speaking, both from Algeria and Morocco. The oldest center of emigration is Kabylia (from the beginning of the 20th century) and, in Morocco, Sous (after 1945). These regions were joined more recently (in the 1960s) by others: the Aurès for Algeria, the Rif for Morocco.

The multi-millennial Amazigh culture, more alive than ever, remains wealthy, diverse and occupies an important and strategic place in world heritage, which finally deserves to be recognized.
This decision to open an Amazigh Cultural Center in Paris (France) took into consideration the value, the historical depth of this culture and its links with France, at the same time, a strong message of respect and recognition to the Amazigh community from France, across Europe and the world.
More than four million Amazighs living in France, a large majority of whom, originating from North Africa and the Sahel, are French citizens, including many elected officials, academics, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors and skilled workers, engaged since decades in democracy, civics and political, scientific and economic actions.

To mark the presence of this Amazigh Cultural Center, the Amazigh diaspora of France who are gathered successively on the dates of May 26, May 29, and June 22, 2024 in Paris (France) which brings together more than 70 people, to create a new Amazigh coordination which includes associations, activists and personalities are ready to actively engage alongside this project approach to implement all people and financial means to make this Center a radiant, dynamic and sustainable place promoting Amazigh identity and culture, thanks to the contribution of a considerable panel of traders, businesses, opinion leaders, managers and public, private and media partners accompanied by the support of the State, local authorities, regional and national, so that this Amazigh Center will quickly become a major space for community life, intercultural, scientific and artistic activity in a democratic, mixed, secular and youth integration framework.

Now that the project is clearly defined, the founding members of this coordination will have to carry it out collectively with associations, project leaders, partners, prescribers, intellectual elites and volunteers. Everyone must understand it, and assimilate it. It is this process which builds and consolidates the feeling of belonging to a free nation. So that everyone can become a true ambassador of Amazigh culture.