The attack on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is suspiciously reminiscent of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the former Gladio network operating on European soil, new attacks on European territory with the unequivocal aim of sowing chaos through the so-called “strategy of tension” and finally provoking the direct involvement of NATO in a total conflict with Russia.

The Gladio network

Gladio( sword in Latin), was the name given to the “network of sleeper agents deployed by NATO in Italy and ready to take action in case the Soviets invaded Western Europe” and would be the allied force that would remain behind the Soviet lines to facilitate the counterattack.

This network was remotely controlled by the CIA and despite the disappearance of the danger of Soviet invasion, continued to act in Western countries to prevent communist parties from coming to power through democratic elections and were dedicated to sowing chaos through the doctrine known as “strategy of tension”.

Operation Gladio affected virtually all of Europe, with particular virulence in Italy where it was investigated by Judge Guido Salvini, who concluded that far-right terrorist organizations such as Ordine Nuovo or the National Vanguard “were closely linked with the Italian state and the US CIA” and that” the CIA pointed out the objectives and encouraged them to act”.

Is Operation Gladio 2.0 underway?

Trump’s possible victory in November 2024 would represent the decline of the Atlantist strategy of Biden and Soros committed to defend Putin from power after the signing of a peace agreement in Ukraine and the return to the Doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence with Russia. This would mean the enthronement of the G-3 (USA, Russia and China) as «primus inter pares» in world governance and the end of the obsessive dream of the globalists headed by Soros and the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to achieve the Balkanization of Russia, «the white whale globalists have been hunting for decades»

To avoid this, the CIA and the British MI6 would have gestated Operation Gladio.2.0, consisting of recruiting elements of ISIS as well as waking up their own sleeper cells to provoke bloody attacks of great media impact in Russia and its counter-Rréplica in countries neighbouring Ukraine, with the avowed aim of sowing chaos in Europe through the so-called ” strategy of tension” and finally provoking the direct involvement of NATO in a total conflict with Russia.

The premiere of Operation Gladio 2.0 would have been the bloody attack on the Crocus concert hall in Moscow, with the death of about 140 people and more than 150 injured and whose authorship was initially claimed by the Islamic State or ISIS and although Putin acknowledged that the perpetrators of the bloody attack would be “radical Islamists” originating in Tajikistan, the shadow of intellectual authorship would continue to hover over the CIA and Ukrainian intelligence.

The CIA’s unspeakable objective would be to wreak havoc on European territory through the doctrine known as the “strategy of tension” and in this context, the recent assassination attempt against the Prime Minister of Slovakia would be framed, Robert Fico, hoping for a Moscow response following the action-reaction scheme, as Fico would have been accused by Western media of being refractory to NATO postulates and labeled as “pro-Russian” after suspending military aid to Ukraine.

The Western media attribute its authorship to a naive 71-year-old writer and point to the “ideological polarization of Slovak society after the pro-Russian drift of Fico”, but in reality it would be a former member of the private security service (SBS) that he was in legal possession of a gun, so the bombing suspiciously recalls the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Are new attacks being prepared?

In this context of a strategy of tension, MI6 is allegedly preparing a false flag attack on British territory against a NATO military member and later assigning responsibility to Moscow.Moreover, sporting and mass events to be held this summer on European soil, such as the Olympic Games in Paris and the European Football Cup( UEFA EURO) in Germany, they would be ideal scenarios for indiscriminate attacks to sow chaos in European society and make public opinion willingly accept the implementation of a police state.

This would be a involutionist drift of democratic states resulting from the suppression of individual rights implicit in the crusade of “Global War against Terrorism” and that would have media support.Thus, the mass media would have contributed to installing in the Western collective imagination the image of the Islamic State as “an external enemy that threatens the peaceful and democratic values of the Western world” as well as “the need to accept any kind of repressive policy of freedoms, within the crusade against terrorism that could lead to the implementation of a police state”.

Thus, on December 8, the European Union (EU) approved the first comprehensive regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) but according to an internal document that would have accessed the weekly ‘Politico’ allows the “irresponsible and disproportionate use of biometric identification technology such as facial recognition”. The legal text drafted on 22 December by the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU established “the prohibition of such biometric surveillance systems in real time”, but left the door open to exceptions so police and military can use this controversial technology through legal authorization to “prevent threats such as terrorism, murder or rape”which would be a clear warning of the foreseeable implementation of a police state in in the countries of Western Europe.