Active nonviolence, as a philosophy and practice, seeks to transform conflicts without resorting to violence, promoting dialogue, empathy and mutual understanding.

The 2nd Mediterranean Forum for Peace and Nonviolence, to be held in Malaga on 22 and 23 June 2024, represents a unique opportunity for individuals, organisations and movements committed to building a more just and non-violent society. This event is a continuation of the commitment initiated at the Mediterranean Nuclear Disarmament Forum in 2008 and is presented as a space for exchange and proposals focused on the methodology of active nonviolence.

As a philosophy and practice, active nonviolence seeks to transform conflicts without resorting to violence, promoting dialogue, empathy and mutual understanding. In a world where armed conflict and violence seem to be on the rise, nonviolence offers a powerful and transformative alternative that places the value of human life and respect for the dignity of all people at its centre.

The Forum will consist of several thematic panels that will explore the possibilities of nonviolence in various social fields, from education and culture to politics and economics. These thematic tables are the result of a process of dialogue and collaboration between different social actors and aim to generate concrete proposals that can be implemented at local, national and international levels.

The Forum will also support and promote the 3rd World March for Peace and Nonviolence, a global initiative that will travel to different countries with a message of peace and solidarity. The march, which will begin in San José de Costa Rica on 2 October and end on 5 January 2025, will pass through Malaga around mid-November this year, creating a direct link between the Forum and this important international mobilisation.

The II Mediterranean Forum for Peace and Nonviolence is therefore more than an event; it is a call to action, an invitation to be part of a movement that seeks to transform reality through nonviolence. It is an opportunity for all those interested in promoting peace and nonviolence to come together, share experiences and work together to create a future worth living.

For more information about the Forum and how to participate, please visit the official website of the World without Wars and Violence in Malaga, as well as the news platforms and collaborating organisations.

Programme of the II Mediterranean Forum for Peace and Nonviolence

“The Power of the Human Being

Saturday 22nd June

  • 10.30am Presentation of the Forum
  • 11.00-12.00 Plenary session with the leaders of the thematic tables and associations. 12.00 Coffee break
  • 12.30-14.00h 1st Thematic Table: Nonviolence Observatory
  • 12.30-14.00h 2nd Thematic Table: Immigration
  • 16.00-17.30h 3rd Thematic Table: Journalism, Fake News, IA
  • 16.00-17.30 4th Round table on the elderly
  • 16.00 – 17,30. Workshop on Active Nonviolence and the Golden Rule of Coexistence
  • 18.00 – Coffee break, musical performances (rap – Benalmádena – bagpipers, etc…) 20.00 – Closing ceremon

Sunday 23 June

  • 11.30-13.00: 5th Thematic Table Initiatives 3rd MM 13.00 Joint ceremony
  • 13.30: Musical performance (Eli Anai)
  • Closing Ceremony

Venue: Plataforma del Voluntariado
Corregidor Francisco de Molina, 1 – 29006 – Málaga