by Genevieve Balance Kupang and Fred Florenz O. Abastillas

Baguio Central University (BCU) recently held a two-day training workshop last April 29-30, 2024, titled “Write and Publish: Books & High-Impact Journals,” a significant step forward in the university’s commitment to research excellence. In partnership with Beyond Books Publishing  (BBP), the training aimed to equip faculty, staff, and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to transform their research into impactful publications.

University President, Dr. Margarita Cecilda B. Rillera emphasized the training’s alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the national goal, and BCU’s desired results. She highlighted CMO 15, 2019, which emphasizes fostering a research-intensive environment, aligning with UN SDGs #4 (Quality Education) and #17 (Partnerships for the Goals). Dr. Rillera expressed her gratitude to the Graduate School for taking the initiative to develop this program, in partnership with the College of Nursing & School of Midwifery and the College of Business Administration.  She thanked Dr. Elma D. Donaal, VPAA, for her unwavering support in bringing this initiative to fruition.

This event aligns with an exhortation in the President’s dissertation on “Adherence of BCU to the Ten Areas of Accreditation.” She recommended investing in the future of research by equipping participants with the necessary tools for academic publishing success. The vision is for BCU administrators, faculty, and graduates to become transformative figures in their fields, publishing innovative research with real-world impact and authoring influential books. As Dr. Lilian Pagulongan recapped for Day 1 “The message of the University President is clearly setting the direction of where the University shall gear up to.”

A collaboration between Books Beyond Publication Resource Speakers, led by CEO Dr. Leonilo Capulso, and Baguio Central University participants, under the leadership of Dr. Margarita Cecilda B. Rillera.

Honoring Faculty Mentors: Celebrating Students’ Online Publishing Success

 In recognition of the exceptional dedication and guidance in supporting student research endeavors, the following Outstanding and Exemplary Faculty Mentors in Student Research Publications were awarded for their mentorship– Dr. Marilou Dela Peña, Instr. Aiza Bheal M. Kitani, Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang, Instr. Arlene A. Mintas, Instr. Teresa Lyn D. Matiwtiw, and Dr. Michael T. Sebullen. These faculty have fostered a spirit of inquiry and excellence, empowering students to achieve the significant milestone of publishing their research findings in international journals. This recognition acknowledges the invaluable role they play in shaping the next generation of scholars.

Dr. Margarita Cecilda Rillera (4th from left), President of Baguio Central University, BOT Secretary and Treasurer Oscar Rillera, MBA, VPAA Dr. Elma Donaal, and Marketing Officer Karl Rillera lead the recognition ceremony, awarding faculty members who diligently supported their students’ online research publications.

Re-Igniting a Passion for Research

Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang, Dean of the Graduate School, emphasized that the training should extend beyond acquiring technical skills.  She envisions this workshop will yield multiple benefits for BCU: a significant increase in faculty and student publications in high-impact journals and books, enhancing the university’s research reputation nationally and internationally and, further solidifying BCU’s commitment to research excellence as outlined in CMO 15, 2019.

Esteemed Professional Authors Share Expertise

Dr. Leonilo B. Capulso delivers an engaging talk about self-publishing, actively soliciting questions and offering detailed answers to faculty members from various departments.

The participants benefited from the expertise of a distinguished pool of speakers. Dr. Gilbert C. Magulod Jr., Dr. Leonilo B. Capulso (CEO of Beyond Books Publishing) and his team member Dr. Ryan B. De Los Reyes shared their extensive experience in academic publishing and book authorship.

Dr. Gilbert C. Magulod led sessions on “Mastering the Scientific Article,” covering topics like Article Outline, Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Materials and Methods, Drafting Results and Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations, Abstracts, and Practical Guide and Processes for Getting Published in High-Impact Journal.” Day 2. Focus on “Writing Research-Based Learning Modules” using the 5Es Model. 

 Graduate School faculty, Dr. Lilian S. Pagulongan, summarized Dr. Magulod’s presentation on mastering the scientific article: “Dr. Magulod emphasized the importance of research publication. By publishing, researchers contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge by sharing their work and learning from others. He argued that withholding or not publishing research is unethical. He emphasized a comprehensive approach to research publication, including diverse avenues like literature reviews and methodological studies, as well as utilizing online tools and apps to enhance the research workflow. He stressed that researchers should choose the most appropriate publishing format (e.g., IPRC, IRICL, IRCIP) and target the right peer-reviewed journals.”

Dr. Capulso addresses re-purposing existing research and venturing into self-publishing.

 Dr. Capulso’s Session: Transforming a thesis into a book, highlighting the potential for wider readership and increased accessibility beyond academia. However, he emphasized that researchers must consider several key factors before embarking on this process.  His topics– “From Thesis/Dissertation to Book: Transforming Scholarly Insights into Published Wisdom” and “How to Write a Book (Self-Publishing).”

Third speaker, Dr. Ryan B. Delos Reyes: Addressed the “Impact of Book and Research Publication on Professional Development and Career Progression”, expounding on the critical need for advanced research skills among scholars, academics, and professionals. In today’s competitive academic and work landscape, the ability to produce high-quality research articles and publish impactful books is essential for career advancement and scholarly recognition. Many researchers struggle with the intricacies of academic writing, publication processes, and transitioning from a thesis or dissertation to a publishable book. But, he assured the participants that with this collaboration with BBP, research productivity and publication success can be possible.

Dr. Ryan B. Delos Reyes provides an inspirational testament as to how book and research publication impacts one’s professional development and career progression.

 The organizers and resource speakers foresee a collaborative journey with authors dedicated to producing high-quality instructional materials for the university and community. This collaborative spirit aims to ultimately increase BCU’s visibility as a university through books and online publications.

Mr. Oscar Rillera, MBA, BOT Secretary, and Treasurer, echoes the dream of Madam President to give premium emphasis on the importance of writing and publishing research works and how it can benefit the stakeholders.

Closing Remarks and a Call to Action

Dr. Marilou Dela Peña’s closing remarks emphasized the significance of meticulous research, clear communication, and the pursuit of excellence. She further said, that as authors, it is essential to adhere to rigorous standards, engage in peer review processes, and contribute valuable insights to the academic community.  Publishing in high-impact journals not only showcases the quality of research but also fosters collaboration, innovation, and the advancement of knowledge in diverse fields. The two-day training concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony and closing prayers by Dr. Michael De Roxas and Dr. Remedios Laroco.

 Building on the valuable insights shared over the past two days, this training equips participants with the tools to conduct research and effectively share their findings. As Dr. Pagulongan said in her recap “At the end of every endeavor, our publication is just in the level 1 if it is just published, level 2 if it is commercialized and level 3 if it has changed the lives of the people. Let us be vigilant then of where we are publishing our works.” By actively engaging in research and scholarly communication, educators can contribute to a growing body of knowledge and improve educational practices for the benefit of all stakeholders, especially learners everywhere.

BCU is grateful to event facilitators, Mesdames Jennifer Longchaen and Edna Culbongan. Kudos to all the participants, those who supported, organized and worked for the success of the event: BCU President Dr. Margarita Cecilda Rillera, Secretary and Treasurer Oscar Rillera, MBA, VPAA Dr. Elma Donaal, VPA Perfecto M. Lopez, EdD, VPF Amalia Ancheta, CPA, and the Accounting Office Staff, Dr. Michael Sebullen, Dr. Marilou Dela Peña, Dr. Janice D. Alejandrino, Dr. Gina L. Casi, Engr. Onofre F. Rillera, Dr. Jolly Mariacos, Sir Hilario Sanglay, Dr. Remedios Laroco, Instr. Aiza Bheal M. Kitani, Sir Jomard L. Calamba & BCU Chamber Choir, Sir Karl Rillera, Sir Michael S. Rodriguez, BSCS,  Dr. Michael Y. De Roxas, and those who rendered the intermission numbers Ma’am Ava Marrly Pareño and Ma’am Czarina T. Mendoza.

A Moment of Collaboration. Working Committee members, Dr. Jolly B. Mariacos, Sir Hilario Sanglay, and Dr. Michael Sebullen.

About the Authors:

  Mr. Fred Florenz O. Abastillas hails from the Baguio Central University Senior High School department, currently serving as a graduate school instructor in BCU. With not only the mental fortitude to further his students’ academic performance, but also the grit to overcome challenges in different academic strands, he immerses himself and his learners in major endeavors in line with researches, publications and creative literary works.


 Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang is the Dean of the Graduate School at Baguio Central University, Philippines. She is a Leadership Team Member for the Exceptional Woman of Peace Award at Pathways to Peace (PTP), a UN Peace Messenger Organization. She Chairs the Special Interest Groups (SIG) while concurrently serving as the Peace Education Coordinator of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI).